Friday, January 1, 2010

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot...'s been 6 months. Why did I stop blogging? There is no one good answer for that. Let's just say that timing is everything. It would be impossible to completely catch you up on the last 6 months, so here are 10 random things that have happened to me since I've been gone. This is a random mixture of both silly and serious.

  1. I got my first pair of Converse All-Star "Chucks". I do feel rather bad ass in them. The only thing tempering my bad-assness is the fact that I have to put my orthotics in them to wear them.
  2. I lost my all time dear dear Uncle Archie. The world has lost one of the best people ever. Total heartbreak. Can't even begin to describe.
  4. Keeping with the school theme, I visited and toured both a landfill and a sewage treatment plant.
  5. I am wearing my hair blunt cut and auburn-ish.
  6. I found out our son has Asperger's syndrome.
  7. I have had my heart broken into a million pieces.
  8. I know that despite some unfortuntate circumstances, things are the way they are supposed to be.
  9. I am really on the road to "moving past" my past.
  10. I'm still wildly silly and immature. I refuse to apologize for this.

I'm not a fan of New Years. At all. Hate it. Why? Not sure I need to explain. But since resistance is futile, let me be one of the first to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope to reconnect and share my life with all of you once again in 2010. Hey, that rhymes.

Give me a shout out! Let me know you're still here, even if you do it anonymously.


Megan said...

Welcome back! :)

Sophie said...

I am HERE! Sounds like one hell of a year. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the New Year. The best to you and your family. We're all in it together if we want to be.

phd in yogurtry said...

Happy New Year back to you. You do have a lot of challengese. But.. the biggest news for you personally is your diploma. Congrats! What a huge accomplishment! Let some of those feelings of pride buoy you through some of your challenges.

Mariah said...

Whoa!! Now *that* is a busy 6 months!! Welcome back

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Happy New Year- sorry to hear of the challenges of the past several months. (drop me a note if you'd like a load of fantastic resources re: Asperger' job)

David said...

Wow! Am I allowed to welcome you back to your own blog? I don't care; welcome back.

You sure buried the lead there, all the way down at #6. Is that something you want to talk more about? I've been reading a lot of books lately about reading people's body language and facial expressions, and that intersects with a lot of literature about Asperger's, so I've been learning a lot about it. I started getting into the subject because a friend recommended some books on how to meet women, and it opened up this larger subject for me. It was kind of like the old joke of "SEX! Okay, now that I've got your attention . . . ." I realized I could not only use some improvement, but also that it was an area where one should aspire to be "better-than-well," so I haven't slowed down, even as my abilities to read people have started to exceed those of most of my friends.

The good news is that I can tell you from experience that you can become really good at those kinds of skills, even if they don't come naturally, and there are a tremendous number of amazing tools out there now that were unavailable just a couple of years ago. If you're interested, I could put together a reading list that has more my goal in mind of being better-than-well, which I think is the right goal to have, even for people with Asperger's.

Anyway, if you want to talk about this stuff at all, it's a topic that I'm very interested in (both how to do it right, and why it goes wrong). Or if not, then forget I said anything!

Emily said...

You will NEVER be forgot(ten). I'll have to check my grammar now that you've graduated--CONGRATS on that big milestone, BTW. That you did it after the kids came deserves kudos all the more. Wish I could see you in your new shoes!! My door, phone, FB page and home are always open to you.

ElleBee said...

Welcome back! Congrats on graduating and surviving a long year! :)

Megryansmom said...

Welcome back, Happy New Year and Congratulations on graduating

k e r r y said...

Hey there college grad! Here's to a great 2010!

lisagh said...

Yay! Welcome back :)

Coma Girl said...

Still here - from one adult college grad to another ;)

dental4usa said...

Glad to see you are back. I think it's therapeutic for me to read your blog. Risky, but therapeutic. :D

Manic Mom said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Your back!!!!!! I was just on here last week. I was I'm happy!

Anonymous said...