Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm back!!

I will be posting pics and such from the cruise, probably not today, but hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime, here are the highs and lows of the cruise.


1. Had a great time.
2. Bermuda is stunningly beautiful.
3. Had lots of great food and drinks.
4. I read 2 whole books!
5. Relaxed a ton.
6. Played games with the kids.
7. Kids were old enough to entertain themselves when they got bored of us.
8. Discovered stretch capri yoga pants in suitcase yesterday after a week's worth of eating and drinking way too much! Woo Hoo!
9. Amazing weather.
10. Fab entertainment on ship. LMAO on several occasions.
11. Shared a small stateroom with kids, so didn't have to do the "vacation thing/activity", if you know what I mean. :)
12. Puked once! Not too bad!


1. Puked 1st thing Sunday morning while waiting to enter the restaurant for breakfast. Made it to the restroom just on time.
2. Shared a small stateroom with kids. Couldn't do "vacation thing" for the brief moment that it struck me as a good idea. Luckily, idea was fleeting.
3. Had to leave Bermuda.
4. Came home to rain.
5. Back to the real world.

Stay tuned!! Thanks for all of the visits and comments while I was away!!! Welcome to my new visitors and commenters!

Check back soon!

If I didn't get lost in the Bermuda triangle, or die of seasickness, I'll be back today. Stay tuned for pictures and hopefully great stories!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's in a name?


Well, September is right around the corner. That means school starts. Not just for the kids, but for me. Eeeww. I liked having half the summer off. To top it off, I have to take statistics this fall. Double eeeww. I'm bored just thinking of the subject. Also, I'm scared to take it. There. I said it. I can do math, when I have to, but I just don't like it. I had to find some way to make it more fun. But how? It actually was very easy.

When signing up for the class, I had no knowledge of which teacher was better than who, etc. So, I looked for the days and times I wanted. Still had several choices. How was I to pick a professor? Friends, I picked them very scientifically. Very. I chose my professor by their last name. Not very scientific, but fun nonetheless.
So what's my professor's last name? Drumroll please....


Hey, I never have claimed to be super mature. The name just struck me funny and I chose it. So, no matter how much stat sucks, at least I have a professor with a silly name.

This isn't the first time I've had a teacher with a funny name. A couple other last names I had in my lifetime were:
1. Woodcock. Yes, I'm serious
2. Belcher. In middle school. Poor teacher.
3. Ream. Maybe Ream should meet Winterbottom.
At work. One of the companies I worked for, the last name of the CEO was Wood. Can't say the first name, but it started with a D, and rhymed with "tick". Hehehehe.
My hubby works with someone with a hilarious last name, and the first name just makes it better, but in the interest of him keeping a job, I cannot disclose at this time. It's along the lines of Mr. Wood.
I'm sure there is more, but I'll have to think about them. In the meantime, tell me about some funny last names you've encountered!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh to be 10 again.

Alissa had her friend Nichole over this past week. They are the best of friends. They had their first playdate when they were a couple of months old. (Translation: we got together drinking with her parents one night, and by then we both had babies.) We love them like family.


Alissa and Nichole were playing. I was folding laundry. I was folding underwear, which happened to be Sean's.

Nichole: "My dad's underwear looks like that too."

Alissa: "My mom calls them tighty whities, or something like that."

Me (Thinking): Has she actually heard me say that?

Nichole: "My dad's underwear gets holes in the butt area."

Alissa: "Yeah, so does my dad's. We think he blasts them in there with his farts."

Nichole: "My dad too! We say the same thing."

Interlude: 5 minutes of hysterical laughter. I am trying not to laugh. Actually I'm trying not to join in the conversation.

Alissa: "Let's go upstairs." (She grabs the camera. Stupid me doesn't catch on to what she is up to)

I continue folding, only to hear tons of laughing and squealing. Next thing I know, Evan is at the top of the stairs...

Evan : "Mom!!!"

Me: "What?"

Evan: " Alissa is taking pictures of Dad's underwear with the camera"

Me: "Alissa, come on now..." (although secretly I think it is hilarious, b/c I'm immature.)

Evan: "Mom, Alissa just cut a hole in the back of Dad's underwear!"

Me: "Alissa, no way! You didn't do that, did you?"

Alissa: "Don't worry Mom."

Me: "What do you mean don't worry?"

Alissa: "It was just a tiny hole. It wasn't like Dad farted the hole in his underwear."

Giggles Galore.

I think you can see where this went. I wasn't particularly happy, but, on the other hand, she had a point, right?

Maybe not. Hmm...

For what it is worth, Sean thought it was funny, although he did warn her not to do it again.

Aaah, kids.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My status as of tonight will be questionable...

Hi everyone,

I'm going on vacay with the family starting today. We're going on a Bermuda cruise until next Friday. Apparently, the internet access on cruise ships is quite expensive, so I won't be blogging "live" next week. (unless I can sneak away while Sean is napping or something) But, I'm hoping to get some posts ready ahead of time, so don't forget to check in at Debland this week!

Ok, something you should know. Well, not really, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I get seasick. I get carsick, I get sick in Imax theatres, on rides, even doing certain yoga poses. Yet I am going on a cruise. I really want to see Bermuda!! I went on a cruise for my honeymoon. I didn't get sick, but also spent most of the week drinking. A. lot. of. drinking. Hmm.

Now that I have 2 kiddos, the cruise will be much more tame then in my wild young years. That being said, it is quite possible I'll be sick. Yuck.

So, either I'll be having a great time when you read this, or I'll be trying out some new yoga-like poses as I puke in the ever so tiny bathroom in our cabin. I am well supplied with Dramamine, so I'm hoping for the best.

What do you think will happen? Vote now in comments! When I get back, I'll let you know.

Will Deb:

a. bow down to the porcelain gods on Norwegian Cruise Line?

b. be able to drug herself sufficiently to have fun?

I'll be interested to see what you guys think.

Bon Voyage!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I never thought…

Ok, I totally have to give Kristin credit for this idea. I just became aware of Kristin, when she commented on my blog. See, if you comment, you'll get your ass kissed recognition! Anyhow, she found this awesome website where you can upload your picture, and it will match it to see what celebrities you look like. Check it out here. Anyhow, I couldn't resist. Check out what came up when I did it.


Celebrities I supposedly look like:

Robin Wright Penn – I wish.

Erinn Hayes – Wow, I really wish.

Jennifer Jason Leigh – What ARE they smoking?

Tandy Cronyn – Good God, I hope not!

Anne De Salvo – She is pretty, but looks like a newscaster to me.

Finally, as they say, last but not least, Michael J. Fox –
I mean, I have always thought he was super cute, but not to the extent that I would like to look like him.

Are you brave enough to try this??? If I can, you can. I double dog dare you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BS isn’t always at work.

I am so lucky to have spent the last 9 years at home with the kids. Really, I do feel lucky. Sometimes, however, I do lament my former days as a bank VP, dressing up in great suits and hopping into my BMW to go off to work. (Btw – the BMW was the first thing to go when I quit.) While it seems like I only remember the good days, I think I romanticize those days to an extent. Today, when I got my Urban Dictionary word of the day, I started remembering some of the crappy things about working in the corporate world.

Word of the day:

August 20: bullshit bingo

A game that can be played in large meetings. The players write down management-nonsense word like "Out-of-the-box-thinking", "Synergy", "Content streamlining" etc. in a 5 by 5 square bingo card.
If a word or phrase is used during the meeting you check the box. When you get a five box line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally ) you shout "BULLSHIT!" and win.

Company bigshot fancypants: "And that is why this merger is going to benefit shareholder value by creating value driven content.


Company bigshot fancypants: "You're fired!"

We had a ton of BS jargon at the bank. Some of my favorites were:

  1. Value added
  2. "Convenience" Fee
  3. Success is Confidence, We Can Help You Get There. (I know, I don't get it either)
  4. Star Power (internal sales jargon)
  5. Solution oriented products

Then I settled back, feeling happy that once again I was reminded that being an executive wasn't all it was cracked up to be. BUT, then it dawned on me, that even now, in the life that I live, there are still bullshit phrases that are used. A lot. Things like:

  1. "Yes, Sean, I do agree we should watch the budget. I'm so glad you brought that up."
  2. "I'm sorry you feel that way honey, but I still love you." (in response to a kid that has just gone ballistic on you about something that is SO not your fault)"
  3. "We'll see." (When you have no intentions of saying yes)
  4. "Yes, I would be glad to volunteer for my millionth time this years PTA fund drive."
  5. "We don't eat sugar cereal, because it isn't healthy." (Meanwhile, I have my own private stash)
  6. "Yes, we should have your parents over. We haven't seen them in a while."

I could go on and on here. But, then I wouldn't be able to hear some of your bullshit bingo life phrases. Who wants to play?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Trading one for the other can make you a flake (literally)

So, I'm at the beach last week after just having had fresh color and highlights put in my hair. (I know, I should have waited to go until after the trip). Being the very deep and non shallow person I am, I was very paranoid that my hair would fade. That would be the end of the world. Anyhow, each day on the beach, I would meticulously tuck my hair all up into a baseball cap, so as to protect my hair, as well as enhance my overall sex appeal. (ha ha)

Guess what? It worked! I felt so triumphant. Yesterday, as I was fixing my beloved hair, I noticed a little piece of dead skin on my earlobe. I reached up to rub it, and literally sheets of skin peeled off my ear. As it turns out, I protected my hair color, but will now be getting a serious case of skin cancer on my earlobe sometime in the near future. The sun burnt the crap out of it.

I feel a mix of emotions here, I do feel rather stupid, but I also wrestle with feeling smug that I outsmarted the sun and its hair fading properties.

Hmm...hmm...I'm at a loss for more words. Just thought I'd share a portion of the exciting dangerous life I lead.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tag, I'm it!!!

Thanks to Sheila, at, you all will have the pleasure of finding out 6 unspectacular things about me!!

Here's the rules!
1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

Ok, I can only share 6? goes...

1. As a kid, I used to be able to bite my toenails. For some odd reason, I bit them instead of clipping them. Luckily I'm not limber enough to do that anymore.

2. I am totally and completely freaked out by bellybuttons. Seriously. They just gross me out to no end. Back in the 90's, Sean's roommates, knowing this fact about me, dared me to put my finger in my bellybutton. I did. I puked and then cried.

3. I have always had, and always will have a thing for thin guys who wear glasses. (luckily for Sean) Love it. I just think the smart look is sexy. Anyone out there agree?

4. When eating things like sandwiches, dips, or spreadable cheeses, I cannot have the mayo, dip, or cheese put on thick. If I bite into something, and it "splooshes" out, I feel like I want to get sick. I do not know if "splooshes" is a word. Frankly, I don't care.

5. Given the chance, I will always pick out things that are Hello Kitty themed. I think she is adorable, and she is a throwback to my childhood. I own a black velour Hello Kitty sweatsuit, have Hello Kitty notebooks and pencils, and have used Hello Kitty nail polish. This is just a few examples of my Hello Kitty love. (eeww, that sounded weird) I understand that there are Hello Kitty themed violin cases, and I totally want one.

6. I am a amateur violin player, to say the least. I started when I was 30. When I practice, I often fantasize that I am a fabulous player who is a professional. I daydream about being in an orchestra. Strangely enough, those fantasies used to agitate me and make me sad, yet I couldn't help it. Now, I enjoy them.

Hey, I never said I was normal. Ok, now to tag 6 people to hear their unremarkable traits. Here goes...

1. Jill Jill Bo Bill - Jill is way fun, and I am interested to hear some facts about her.

2. Amelia Bedelia - She is Jill Jill's sister, and equally as fun to read. (Sorry girls, I won't pick favorites!)

3. Wendi Aarons - Wendy's blog is hysterical. I look forward to reading her posts. I'm such a fan of her, and actually wish she would post more often, because she is so creative.

4. Jen the Mom - Sometimes the therapist, always the entertainer, I'm tagging Jen to see what she has to say.

5. Sue - Sue doesn't know me well, if at all, but I read her blog daily, and also just purchased a blogging t-shirt she designed. How funny is her name of her blog? Go check her out!

6.Tena - Tena is refreshingly honest and creative in her blogging. I enjoy reading about her self proclaimed "jungle" that is her life.

Thanks again, Sheila! This was fun! If anyone ever wants to know more odd facts about me, they abound. Feel free to ask.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The family just got a little bit bigger...

Hi all! I just got back from a trip to the shore with my kids. Not just any trip however, a very special trip.
My older sister and brother are adopted...then my parents got pregnant with me, and then my little brother Chris. Last year, after a search of almost 2 years, my sister was able to locate her birth mother. Sometimes these things don't go well. A lot of the time, actually. Well, my friends, this one was like something you would have seen on Oprah. So my sister finds her last November. Her mom was thrilled and overjoyed, telling Lisa that it was an answer to her prayers that they be united one day. Long story short, she was 18, and just couldn't keep a baby at that time in her life.
So, my sister not only has developed a relationship with her birth mother, but also has met and gotten to know her half sister and 2 half brothers as well. Her birth mom owns a vacation home in New Jersey at the shore, and invited Lisa and her family to stay for a week in the downstairs level (it is a duplex), while she and various members of her family stayed upstairs.
Lisa invited me and the kids to come, and we were only too happy to come! Can I just say that her mother, and her whole family are TERRIFIC!!!! They are the kindest, most generous, loving people I have ever met. They welcomed me and the kids with open arms, and hope to get together with my parents and siblings, and get to know one another. Everyone is open to this. So, it really was a special week, and a time that I will never forget. I also have successfully convinced her birth mother to adopt me as well. :) I look forward to future get togethers with them.

Anyhow, here are a couple pics of my beach bums!! They had so much fun!

pics courtesy of my cell phone...sorry for the poor quality.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What do YOU need?

Check out this funny game! I've seen it on several blogs, most recently on Mariah's blog:

Here's how it works. Go on Google, or any search engine, type in your first name, then a plus sign, then the word "needs". Here's what my search looked like:


Then, you write down the first 10 phrases that pop up, which tell you what you "need" Here is what came up for me.

1. Deb needs HAL removed. -
Now I'm not sure what Hal is, perhaps it is a skin growth, a stalker of mine, I don't know. I do know however, that whatever the hell HAL is, I want him/it removed immediately.

2. Deb needs help with whole words.
Ok, now it is getting a bit personal. I thought I had a pretty good way with words, but apparently I don't.

3. Deb needs our help.
Well, they say it takes a village, so I guess this is true. Please help me.

4. Deb needs xbill.desktop file -
FINALLY, someone is listening to me. Those who know me well know that I complain about this all of the time. I want my xbill desktop file, hear me?

5. Deb needs helpers! -
Ok, did we not cover this in #3? I thought there was no shame in needing helpers.

6. Deb needs your prayers -
Do you sense a theme here? I hope nothing horrible is about to happen to me!

7. Deb needs a revelation when a grisly axe murderer kills a man. -
Uh. Hmm. WTF?

8. Deb needs dependency on... -
ON WHAT? There's no ending to this phrase! What could I possibly need dependency on? Aren't cafe' lattes enough?

9. Deb needs to join this group.
Sounds good to me, if I knew which group it was. Is it a 12 step group? Is it a group of people who are getting shipped off to the funny farm? Maybe it is a coffee group of some kind. Hopefully it isn't a swingers group or something kinky like that.

10. Deb needs to be processed by Ubuntu's automagic installer -
Maybe that will happen in the group I will be joining.

Well, I amused myself. Hopefully you too are amused. Please feel free to comment, or add to what you think I need. I need comments. They are integral to my feeling successful as a blogger.

I can hear it now..."My name is Deb, and I'm a comment whore..."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

No, I didn't do an 8-8-08 post!!!

Ok, sitting here lamenting the fact that I didn't do a post on the supposedly lucky 8-8-08! The only reason I'm realizing this is because other bloggers I read did in fact crank out a post on that day.

But, I suppose I've never been one who follows the rules too often, so I will boldly declare that I DID NOT do an 8-8-08 post!

Sigh. Still wish I did.

Ok, onto a completely different subject. We're supposed to go to the beach tomorrow for a couple of days. That will definitely be good for some new blog posts upon my return. Check this out though! I'm talking to the kids about the beach's the conversation...

Me - ok, after we do blah blah blah tomorrow, we'll leave for the beach. (by the way, we're not really doing blah blah blah, I just didn't feel like typing it all out)

Alissa - "Ok", she says with a sigh.

Me - "What's wrong?"

Alissa - "Well, I just was hoping we could shop for school supplies, since we just got our lists."

Me - "We can do it when we come home."

Alissa - "I really want to do it tomorrow!"

Me - "But don't you want to get to the shore?"

Alissa - "Not if it means we can't shop for school supplies."

Me (Thinking in my head at this point, not speaking) "What in the world is wrong with this child? She CAN'T be serious, can she? Shit, I think she is serious."

Me (out loud) - "I can't promise it will happen tomorrow, but we'll see."

Note: for anyone who doesn't have kids yet, saying "we'll see" is a huge mistake. The kids totally think it means that you said yes. Honestly, it is true.

Later this evening, I'm putting the kids to bed. I kiss Alissa, tuck her in, and go to leave her room. I wish her a good night, and say I love you.

Alissa - "So we're going to shop for school supplies tomorrow, right?"

I swear. Is it just me, or is that totally weird? Maybe I was a slacker in school or something. Guess I should be glad, but I want to go to the shore, NOT to Target where I'm guaranteed to blow a minimum of $100.00.

I'll keep you posted. (No pun intended)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Looks can be deceiving

So now that the kids are getting older, they're at an age that I actually remember being. It really does bring about some deja-vu moments from time to time, especially when it comes to toys. I remember being mesmerized by certain toys from back in the 70's, and desperately wanting other toys that I didn't get.

One toy that I always wanted, but never got was an Easy Bake oven. I used to watch those commercials where the little girls would get together with their friends to create a multitude of confectionary delights, which in the commercial would look just perfect, like it came from a bakery. I was soooo jealous, and convinced that I too, could replicate these desserts.

I asked. I was told no. I begged. It didn't happen. Unfortunately, by age 5 I caught on to the whole Santa thing, so I knew asking Santa wouldn't work.

Sadly, I didn't get one. Eventually I did come to realize that it was for the best. (sniff!)

Sean, as a little boy, always remembered wanting this toy...

Remember these? Yup! A Snoopy sno-cone machine. I can still see the commercial, kids on a hot summer day making delicious looking sno-cones, and putting various colors and flavors of syrup on them. They always looked so refreshing, and so perfect. To have one of these would guarantee a child from the 70's pure bliss, right? Of course.

Last year before Christmas, I was thumbing through some catalogs that sold old fashioned toys and stumbled across the sno-cone machine. Feeling charitable, as well as wanting to fulfill one of Sean's little childhood dreams, I bought it for him for Christmas. I was actually excited to give it to him. I had idyllic visions of him making sno-cones with the kids this summer, just like in the commercials I so vividly remembered.

They tried it. The stupid thing completely sucked. Sean's arm was completely exhausted and cramped up from trying to crank the stupid thing. It made minute amounts of shredded ice. There were no syrup packets.

It's now sitting on a pantry shelf, unused, and unloved.

Why am I posting about this? No reason. Just what came to mind. If anyone wants to share about a toy from the 70's era, whether they had it or just wanted it, feel free. If not, you can certainly confirm your suspicions that I am nuts, and read your next blog in your feed. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

R.I.P. Hermie

Everyone, I would like you to meet Hermie. He is/was Evan's hermit crab. Back in February, Hermie escaped from his cage downstairs. We looked everywhere, but to no avail. Yesterday morning Evan found him in a corner behind his bed upstairs. He's dead, obviously.
The worst part? Back in Feb/Mar, Evan told us that he thought he heard something in his wall next to his bed. (his bed is smack up against a wall) Given his propensity towards being afraid of stuff at night, we told him that of course there was nothing there, and that he should go to sleep.
All I can say is we suck. Poor Hermie. Evan wants to keep his shell, but it still has Hermie in it. I have informed Sean that it will be his job to make that dream come true for Evan. The thought makes me shudder.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I want to be a part of it...New York, New York...but does NY want any part of me again?

Phew! I finally got to where I could sit down and post the silliness that was my NY trip. It did not disappoint. Well, I guess the View prize pretty much stunk, but even that made it all pretty funny.
After an early morning Starbucks run, we set off for our journey. Yes, four crazy chicks, who ditched the kids and husbands to go cause trouble in NY. The ride up was filled with great conversation, the usual girl talk, etc.
We arrived at ABC studios, and lucky for us, got to wait outside for 2 hrs (in the sun and humidity - which btw is so not good for your hair!), and then for about 1 hr. inside before we got admitted to the studio. Diane and I were giddy with excitement, sure that we would once again hit paydirt and win a fab prize. Lisa and Kirsten were less optimistic, and Diane and I are convinced that they are responsible for the "lovely" gift we received.

The show we saw was taped, and set for an August 11th air date. Set those Tivos folks.
Here are some shots of the set in between takes. The set is much smaller than it appears on TV.

During commercials, the View ladies come and talk to people. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is right in front of us (above)

Here's Whoopi! She seems to be the favorite cast member of the audience. I have no idea what she is really like in real life, but comes across as very friendly and funny when chatting.
The show was ok, but actually one of the best things about the show is the warm up comedian who is awesome...friends, meet Tom Kelly! He is hysterical and also is a great sport putting up with all of the (mostly) crazy women in the audience. Check out Tom's website here:
Tom's day job appears to be with The View, but he also has a rising career in comedy. He does stand up routines in NYC, and also is immersed in several other projects at the moment. So, as I said, he is a great sport, because he put up with our goofiness (i.e. demands to have a picture with him).Disclaimer: We had been out in the heat and humidity for a couple of hours. This is why we (I) do not look my best. Plus, having to tuck your chin down for a picture does not yield a attractive shot. Look at my poor sister Lisa...she had to endure being smashed up against my chest for this shot. Note: the chest stuff will come back into play later. Then Tom decided he should be serious...

Notice that Lisa and I did not feel the need to be serious. Oh, and one more thing about Tom...he smelled really good, so if anyone out there wants to hire him they should know that Tom puts hygiene first.
We're hoping that Tom will come visit Debland and put his two cents in here. Hey Tom, were we not the best guests ever? Didn't we make those other ladies seem like pathetic boring housewives? Weren't we awesome? Did you love us? Don't hold back Tom. Honesty is the best policy here in Debland. We asked Tom to come out to lunch with us, and possibly drink a lot, but alas, he had an audition elsewhere. Next time, I'm sure.
I'll bet you're wondering about the prize. The big prize. Here it is.

A bag? What is so bad about a bag, you ask? Well, it isn't just a bag. It was a bag filled with this:

Yes, those ARE Clorox cleaning products. On our one big day out and about in Manhattan, we were once again reminded of the fact that a good portion of our "regular" lives involves scrubbing toilets and such. Oh, and the bag stunk like cleaning products. We got to lug them around Manhattan for the afternoon. Very Carrie Bradshaw, I think, don't you?
We did get a CD as well. It is a blues guitar album by Nils Lofgren. He plays, or played with Bruce Springsteen for a long time. That wasn't a bad prize. He seemed like a decent guy.
So, after the taping of the show, we decided to hit the town for a bit. The fun started when S, my violin teacher, calls me while we were in the ABC bathrooms. Shockingly, I couldn't stop laughing as I attempted to hold a conversation amongst the flushing toilets. Since he lives in the city, and is a friend, he was invited to come to lunch as well, but he too had other things to do. Personally, I think the whole bathroom conversation thing kind of weirded him out. That, or he didn't want to smell like Clorox.
Time for lunch. While we were waiting for our cab, the girls were guffawing about my top. Apparently poor Tom got quite the "view" from me. What can I say? I just wanted to look somewhat stylish and hip for my big day. Quite by accident, I wore what turned out to be an exhibitionist piece of clothing. You could say that I looked like a boob. (pun intended) More to come on this subject.
Off to the Time Warner building. Very impressive.

Before lunch, we made sure to explore the building, and we especially paid close attention to the art there.

We had a ball. Or two.

During lunch, I decided that rather than be embarassed about my top, I would celebrate it. I would find the positive in the situation. I would turn lemons (or canteloupes) into lemonade. I found out that my chest has functional qualities!! Watch...
Here is the top in question:

Not only can it be a pretty summery choice for a day around town, but it also helps me create this handy sugar packet dispenser...

Or a great place to stash a ticket...

Now I'll tell you one thing that was NO JOKE. Lunch was amazing. I had a lobster BLT that was to die for. Really. No really. I mean it. It rocked. Hey, by the way, here is a picture of Central Park. We had a great view from the restaurant. Unfortunately, this picture was shot from street level.

After lunch, we were able to contemplate the art from a different perspective. You know what sucks? Having the only good picture of you being one that was taken while your head was in a bronze ass. But, I liked my hair here. It finally looked normal, and so did my face.

Finally, we did a bit of shopping and then headed back to good ole' Philly. We also found that the NYC skyline was a great backdrop for my blouse...

I thought it would only be fair to show the other tops that were worn that day, lest you think I am the only exhibitionist...

Just sayin, that's all. Hypocrites. :)

It was a great day!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Much to tell

Stay tuned folks - much to share from the NYC trip!

I'll give you one hint...

the prize stunk.

We had fun anyway.