Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 times in one day...

I caved.

I did.

I installed LinkWithin. This little handy gadget will allow my readers to read old Debland posts. As I understand it, after any new posts I make, it will suggest old posts of mine to read. Since I have a fair amount of new readers, it may give you a glimpse into this bizarre mind that is me. Let me know what you think.

School update...last class a shoulder rub after class, in front of the teacher.

Sigh. Oy. He obviously doesn't get it. Not looking for advice, just sharing with you, my faithful Debland devotees...

Can't decide...

Thanks to all of you for your most helpful responses regarding my school "situation". Although I loved all the input, these two really jumped out at me.


Dan, Well bless your heart! I must decline, but my husband has several degrees and has offered to help.

another jones said...

Tell him it's been burning when you pee lately and you really don't want to miss your doctors appointment.

By the way, here's what really happened. I sent this email back to him, after discussing it with Sean (my husband).


You are welcome for the notes. I hope they are helpful.

As far as getting together to study, I was talking with Sean (my husband), and he is going to be working on our patio he is building this weekend, so I'm going to need to be home to keep an eye on the kids. He had a good idea though - you certainly are welcome to come study over here if you like. Sunday afternoon would be best for me. Otherwise, another option would be to get a few people together from class sometime and study at school.

Let me know your thoughts. See you in class today.


I get to class last Thursday, to find him waiting for me. We briefly discuss him studying at my house, with my family here. He seems less than thrilled with this possibility. We agree to email if we want to pursue it. No one emailed each other.

I think this case is closed. I am grateful for the funny interlude it provided - but I must admit, my summer ONLINE class is looking pretty good right now...

It is my last lecture day today!! Almost done...

Congrats to Anonymous, and another Jones. You guys just might land yourselves a Debland tee.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best answer wins...

Well, went to school yesterday, and to my relief, there was no fanfare or nonsense from the young man who asked me out the class before...if you need a recap, click here...

So, you can imagine my surprise when I got this email on my iphone today - I copied it and pasted it below... (also, I need to add that he knows I am married. We've discussed it before.)

Thank you again for the notes. They are very detailed. What are you doing this weekend? I was wondering if you would like to come over and start studying some of this stuff for the finals. I am suppose to be kid free this weekend. You can email me back or let me know in class tomorrow. I'll see you then.



This is where you all come in. Please help your ole' pal Deb out by posting a reply email in the comment section. Be as creative as you wish. That is all I have to say right now. I'm pretty much in shock.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Madness

A few random things swirling around in my mind today.

1. Have to read an entire book today and write a paper about it due tomorrow. Hmmm. I wonder if going out to breakfast with friends is a good or bad choice?

2. Had a bunch of girls over on Saturday night. 11 girls. They are way cool. I think they learned some new stuff from me. Thanks to a CERTAIN BLOG READER OF MINE, THEY ALL NOW ARE KIDDING ME ABOUT MY "30 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND!" Yeah. great. They all took delight in rubbing my shoulders and asking me for my class notes.

3. Blew out my back on Sat. Putting laundry in the dryer. It is a dangerous life here in Debland.

4. Are you following me? If not, please feel free to add yourself as a follower. Just scroll down the right hand side of the blog, and click follow. You'll be doing me a favor. An ego boost. Might even save me another week of therapy. Don't make me turn this into a PBS pledge drive.

5. Check out this website - It is a hilarious site of crazy homes for sale. It will provide a good laugh on this rainy Monday morning.

That's all for now. Must start getting people ready for school. Me included.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wanna go steady?

I finished the bulk of my crushing school load!!! Oh yeah!! I now resemble a washed up, overstressed, ball of exhaustion. And I'm not talking about the book I have to read and write a paper on by Tuesday right now...too stressful. Thinking happy thoughts.

As I was walking through school yesterday, I realized that in many ways, I felt like I was in high school. This particular building I'm in this semester as I have mentioned is kind of an example of all things you should not do when designing and building a college building. Think 60's mental hospital/correctional institution/government building. While navigating the halls yesterday, I was dodging copious numbers of 18 -20 year olds who were bouncing around, screaming, know, having fun. I felt like I was a misfit in some sort of dysfunctional John Hughes movie. I'm not to the point where I'm old, hunched over, and pointing at "those damn kids" yet, but give it 10 years and that would probably be the case. Good thing I'll graduate this December.

I arrived early at History class, only to be greeted by my teacher, who was eating lunch. To be specific, he had a Mediterranean plate. Hummus, tabbouleh, feta, etc. Good but stinky. While chatting with him, I was treated to a dancing piece of tabbouleh that was stuck in the corner of his lip. I wasn't sure of the ettiquette there, so I didn't do anything.

I should add at this point that I really, really like the professor. I found out he isn't much older than I am, (only 6 years) and he seems to appreciate having a student that actually remembers some of the history he teaches. And, someone who laughs at his dumb jokes. He is actually funny.

So, class starts. Over the course of the class, I am asked by a couple of people if I can give them notes from missed classes. No big deal. I get email addresses, and promise to send them out this weekend. After class, I linger and chat with the professor along with this other student who is in his early 30s. This is a common occurence. There is a nice dynamic between us. We agree that after the semester, the three of us are totally going downtown for cocktails. (Note: this is another advantage of being an older student that gets along with your professor- free drinks!)

We (the other student and I) leave class. I tell him I'll email him the notes this weekend. He puts his arm around my shoulders, rubs them and tells me that I should just bring them over some night to his place, and we can just hang out. Enter the John Hughes movie. Maybe Sixteen Candles. Except he isn't Jake Ryan, and I am certainly no Molly Ringwald.

Oh, and one other small detail? I'M MARRIED.

I smiled and said, "I'll just email them to you. Have a good weekend!"

My overall reaction? Surprised, and flattered. Not going to follow up on the invitation.

The best part? He thought I was 29.

School rocks.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring. Fun with Deb at the store, Vol ??

Follow along here, it should make "sense" in a little bit...

It's raining here today. It's raining a lot. I have to go take a test today at school, so I'm contemplating my outerwear. Contemplating it while I should be studying.

So, raining made me think of trenchcoats.

Trenchcoats made me think of flashers...

Flashers made me think of Target, or what I saw at Target the other day......clear plastic raincoats. In ugly ass colors. Now, mind you, I've never flashed anyone,(sort of), so I'm not an expert here. I DO think, however, that if one used this raincoat for flashing, it would kind of take the mystery out of things. Just sayin.

Yeah. Flashing. Hmmm. I am a bit messed up. Back to European History studies...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Must. buckle. down.

I have a horrendously busy school week this week.

Problem: I don't feel like doing all this stuff. I am fairly overwhelmed at the moment.

Wish me luck...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who could be such a loser?...oh yeah, me.

I feel like Linus did when the Great Pumpkin never showed up. Like a kid who got coal in their stocking. Like someone who farts in public in a really, really quiet place.

I feel stupid!! Why?


Yes, last year in the beginning of April, I decided to grace the blog world with my presence. All this year, I had plotted. I dreamt, I thought about how great my one year anniversary would be!

Apparently, me being in school, being a mom, and all of the other hats I wear have taken precedence. They have robbed me. I'm officially robbed! Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait! I have balloons!!!

Oh, wait, they're not blown up. They just look like deflated testes. (Not that I've ever seen deflated testes, but it is what I think they would look like. Well, hopefully they wouldn't be one red and one blue, but you know what I mean. Right? RIGHT??????)

Sigh. Happy bloggaversary. From me to you. And to your testes or other special parts you may have.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun with Karen and Bob, part 1

Karen and Bob are my parents. They are 2 retired crazy people. Perhaps one of my siblings can jump in here and explain why, but that may be a bit difficult.

Anyhow, they have the stupidest conversations and exchanges. Stupid, but amusing. These folks have way too much time on their hands. Here is an excerpt from last Friday at their house...

Bob: " I can't find the funnies (aka comics)"

Karen: "Did you check the blue chair?"

Bob: "Of course I did Karen!"

Karen: "Well I don't know where they are then."

Bob: "It doesn't matter. I'll be fine "

5 minutes later

Bob: "I can't find my funnies. I'm turning into a cranky old man."

Me: "Turning into one? Why don't you go see what is on Fox News?"

Bob: "Very funny."

Some time passes. Dad (Bob) decides to amuse himself by watching the 12:00 news turned up way too loud, while watching sitting in the dark.

Deb: "That is so depressing. He's in the dark watching the TV."

Karen: "He always does that. That is how he likes to watch the news."

I decide to leave. Sadly, a huge thunderstorm starts. I decide to postpone leaving the madness so I don't get drenched. My mom and I sit in the living room. Dad comes in, and sits in his blue chair that is automated with a remote control. (don't ask) The phone rings.

Bob: (staring at the caller id) " I don't know who it is, I'm not getting it."

Karen:Well it might be Ann (her friend). Pass me the phone."

Bob: (starting to get up)

Karen: "No Bob, just throw it."

Bob: " I'm not going to throw the phone."

Karen: "Just throw it over here."

Bob: "Karen, I'm not in a throwing position. Hold on."

Seriously, l am not making this up. Dad grabs his remote, pushes the button to push his ass up out of the chair a bit (it is one of those old people chairs), and tosses the phone. Not only does he not get it to my mom, but it goes way over onto the other side of the room.

Karen: "What kind of throwing position is that?"

Me: " You know, I just could have passed that."

Thunder and lightning continues. It is about 12:30.

Mom: "I have to get busy with dinner.":

Me: "Mom, it's lunchtime."

Mom: "Well, I have to look at the label on the canned salmon to see how much sodium it has."

Me: "Ok, that will just take a minute."

Mom: "But I have to calculate your father's sodium intake for the day."

Me: "Ok, that will take a few minutes. I think you're ok."( I should add that my mom went to an Ivy League college. She can do the math)

Bob: "Karen, have you seen the funnies?"

Karen: " Oh, I put them out with yesterdays paper, after I hid the crossword puzzle."

Bob: (makes some audible sound of disgust)

Me: "Mom, why did you hide the crossword puzzle?"

Karen: " Because I couldn't get it and it was annoying me."

Me: "That's it, I'm leaving."

Karen: " It's still raining."

Me: "I don't care, I have to go."

Karen: " Where?"

Me: "Therapy. Thanks to you I know what I'll be talking about."

Yup. Fun, fun people. Fun, old, retired people with too much time on their hands. There is more where this came from.

P.S. I'm swamped with school, so forgive me if I don't post much. Keep checking back and I'll do the best I can!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun at the store with Deb, Vol 3

Let's all just take a minute and lament the fate of Mr. Carrot.
Setting: The hot foods bar at the store.What happened? My hypotheses...
1. They were playing The Apprentice, and carrot got fired.
2. Carrot is having a identity disorder of some type.
3. Carrot got voted off the island.
4. Carrot just needs some quiet time.
5. Carrot is incarcerated on the hot plate.
6. Carrot is in a sauna.
7. Carrot has oppositional defiance disorder and won't conform.
8. Carrot desperately escaped to avoid his certain fate of ingestion, only to die a slow death of dehydration.
9. Carrot is an advertisement (i.e. sandwich board) for the carrot population.
10. Carrot is a victim of discrimination and/or bullying.
It is times like these where we must think about the carrot, and what society could have done to prevent this. Other hypotheses welcomed.