Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy and Sad Endings

Happy Ending: My dad got his ICD defribrillator implanted yesterday, and did so well with recovery he came home today!!!!!!

He is catheter free, and now is home living a cardiac/heart failure/diabetic friendly life. Basically, he will never be able to eat anything fun ever again, but at least he is alive, and he is ok with that.

What is the sad ending??? Last night in the hospital, before they removed his catheter, I initiated a betting pool called "When will Dad pee pee by himself?" The catheter got pulled at 12 am... Here are the times we all chose:

Chris 6:30 am (his second choice after he picked 5am) This is important to note.
Jane (Chris' wife) 8 am

Me - 7am

Lisa (my sister) 8:45 am

My Mom: 10 am

Sean: 11:00 am

My dad: 4:47 am

The prize...a bottle of water to help a person pee. Not a high stakes bet here.

My dad peed at 5:27 am. Dammit. Chris wins, but if you note from the above, he only wins because he is a wienie who whined and cried to change his bet after he realized his bet was stupid.

Stupid, stupid Chris. I'm glad Dad is wee-weeing on his own, but I feel it is only fair that either Lisa or I win, simply because we are the favored children who spent the most time in the hospital. The girls are always better and more reliable than the boys.

Chris called me cackling that he wants Evian. This is so not fair. He is a peeing cheater. Maybe I'll pee in a bottle and tell him it is Country Time Lemonade.

Yes, I know I am a sick messed up person. No denying it. The dysfunction works for me, ok?

Thank you for all of your well wishes and support this week!!!! It really helped out! Feel free to weigh in on the peeing debacle.


Marinka said...

I would not concede the victory for a second. You may need to get a lawyer, in fact. Or a legal team. I'm glad that your dad is better.

Megan said...

Screw the water... give him frozen peas. Next thing you'll know he'll be asking for Jolly Green Giant. And that's a whole other kind of post. LOL! :)

Jen said...

So glad your dad is finally peeing on his own and home. You should win because you are the favored child.

phd in yogurtry said...

Excellent news, all around. Favored child status is the winner, hands down.

Megryansmom said...

I'm glad your dad is better and can pee pee by himself and that through it all, your sense of humor prevailed.

amelia bedelia said...

I am so glad you Dad is doing well enough to come back home! Enjoy the time you have with him. And technicaly, I think you should have won. Does that count?

Deb's Victorious Brother said...

As the winner of the contest and brother of the blogger, please know that I say the following with love. Debbie and Debbie-ites, you are all full of it -- and my victory is TOTALLY legit. We have witnesses that will confirm that there was NOT a "Price Is Right" clause regarding overage = disqualification. As such, even my rebid of 6:30 AM was simply still closer. I simply won. I would encourage the devotees of Deb's blog to ask more probing questions and not just accept her propaganda at face value. Thank you.

Manic Mom said...

That's great news about your Dad. I'm happy that he's coming home.