Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. J is doing very well after her surgery, and things are slowly moving in the right direction for K. You guys rock.

Got to spend Friday night in J's hospital room. This is the same hospital my dad was in earlier this year. I would imagine you guys remember the fun mayhem I was able to create there in January. Just in case, check this out...

Now given the fact that it wasn't my parents who were in the hospital, and that I didn't have the distinct pleasure of trying to rile up my mother, I will admit that I was much better behaved this time. However, I am pleased to announce my accomplishments from this recent hospital stay...

  • I got to have a sleepover party in J's hospital room. Yes, this means I was able to spend the night in a hospital recliner. Awesome! A recliner, that whenever I decided to move, would make a fart sound. I'm thinking that the hospital staff was slightly dismayed at what would seem like excessive bowel sounds from room 249.
  • I invited our friend Sue to come over to the hospital Friday night for a little hangout time. By the time she got to the hospital, the one entrance door was locked. She called me from outside the hospital (actually in the street our room was facing). Just for a point of reference, so she could find us when she got in, I, at her bidding, raised the shade and shook my booty out the window. Quite a show.
  • Had a great visit with Sue and J. J. decided to partake in narcotics consumption, and wound up passing out and sleeping the whole time. Obviously Nancy Reagan's "just say no" campaign did not work on J. However, Sue and I decided that she is indeed a great listener.
  • J woke up and we had a great heart to heart talk in the middle of the night. (ok, fine, this is a serious comment, but whatever...)
  • I got to eat Famous Amos cookies from the vending machine, and had a Coke for breakfast. I also was able to snag the yogurt off of J's tray. Lemon.
  • Made friends with the nursing assistant who brought water around. Convinced him to stay in the room for a bit to hang out. We banged styrofoam glasses while declaring cheers, and I tried to cajole him to help me figure out a way to get the hospital nutrition to serve lattes to friends that decide to camp out in their friend's hospital room. Didn't work. Drank Coke instead.
  • Made friends with Cindy, an awesome nurse. Had fun visits in the room with her that consisted of shoe shopping stories, comparing our Dansko shoes, and just had some general fun therapy type conversations with her. Tried to convince her that she should just ditch work and hang with us for the day. Again, not successful, because apparently Cindy wanted to keep her job.

Truthfully though, the best part was that J did awesome, and got discharged yesterday!!! YAY!!!

If any of you are ever in the hospital, I am available for hire. I'm a cheap date. Just buy me some Famous Amos, and help me score a latte, and I'm yours.


Beth said...

I love that J is such a great listener. As for your services, I hope to never need them. But thanks anyway.

amelia bedelia said...

I am so calling you next time I am in the hospital!!

Cindy said...

Those fold out chairs are not too bad, are they? I think hospitals are where you belong. A professional candy striper, maybe??

And re. your comment over at Figs: If you are ever in the SF area, I will hunt you down for some mayhem. I'll drive.

Christy said...

OMG--the recliner! So, so funny--I can hear it in my head (I remember my husband sleeping in one of those when I gave birth until the hospital staff brought him something more comfortable! Ha!)

I'm glad everything turned out okay. :)