Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mmm, Mmm...good?

My last 24 hours:

1. Took my daughter downtown Friday night to play in her orchestra at the swanky Union League, which is basically a playground for the rich and snotty. I did NOT attend the concert as it was a fundraiser for her orchestra. $225.00 per ticket. No thanks. Their endowment isn't first on my list of things I'm worried about.

2. After concert: picked up her 10 year old friend at 9:45 at night to help out a friend of mine who needed her to stay at my house for a night.

3. Came home around 10:30. I had a test that had to be taken and turned in by midnight. It was midterm week this week. Had not quite finished studying for said test.

4. Attempted to finish studying listening to two giggling girls upstairs "trying to fall asleep".

5. Took test, turned it in by 11:45. Got an A. I rock. Actually, I'm lucky.

6. Went to bed at 1:00am.

7. Woke up in middle of night because our first cat (aka resident cat) broke into the girl's room to launch an attack on our newest cat Ellie. Managed to avert a major catfight without waking up tweens.

8. Woke up this morning to tweens jumping on beds with the 7 year old boy.

9. Stopped bed jumping.

10. Tried to go back to sleep.

11. Had to stop bed jumping again.

12. Gave up on the notion of sleeping. Got up and made breakfast.

13. Decide to take the kids to see Pink Panther 2. Stop at Wawa to pick up snacks to sneak into movie theater.

14. Go to theater with purse bulging full of contraband. Feel like a criminal at this point.

15. See movie. We are the only ones in the theatre. Weird. Funny movie.

16. Take kids out to Benihana for lunch. Try to keep 7 year old boy occupied while tweens have usurped my iphone to take pics of lunch and email them to borrowed tweens mom.

18. Came home, tweens play. The 7 year old is outside. Tween mom calls and says she is on the way to pick up.

19. My friend Jen calls. She needs to come borrow a blazer for her son for First Communion tomorrow at church. "No problem", I say. I'm always glad to see her and the kids.

20. Jen comes. Blazer fits. Tween mom comes. We hang out. Tween mom collects child and leaves. Jen says she is leaving to go make dinner for her family.

"Stay here," I said. Call hubby and have him come over. Let's do dinner.

Folks - I had nothing decent in the house to feed anyone. What was I thinking??? As I had mentioned, it was midterms this week, and the store trip just didn't really happen. Sean's been working non stop for weeks and hasn't been around, contributing to my lack of store-going. Here's what I gave them...

- leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes (from Tuesday)
- leftover stir fry (from Thursday)
- leftover Chinese dumplings
- frozen pizza

All leftovers, heated up and thrown together. Isn't that charming? Luckily for all parties involved, Jen's husband showed up with old soft pretzels. I believe they may have been the highlight of the meal. I have to say, that they are the most fab people who appreciate anything you offer. However, this is the lowest I've gone. I even forgot to serve Tim the tapioca pudding I promised him.

The hostess with the mostess!! I'm off in search of a bowl of cereal.


Miz Q said...

Aw Deb you had the best part of dinner when the good friends came! And, umm, congrats on the A!

bernthis said...

My friend served me leftovers tonight and it was the best, tastiest, healthiest meal I've eaten in a while.

I'm really proud of your "A". I have always been a horrible student and test taking for me gives me nightmares.

Rachel said...

Way to go on the A! I've served many a dinner like yours. Not to guests, though. Dinner guests stress me out.

The Dental Maven said...

Maybe you need a hobby to fill up your spare time.

Jen said...

Speaking as 'the guests', we loved your left overs but Miz Q is right that good friends are the best part of any dinner. Although, do remember Tim said he misses Sean, but you know, in a burly, manly sort of way.

Beth said...

The company is always more important than the meal. Sounds like a fun weekend. You got a lot accomplished.