Thursday, March 5, 2009

One thousand, nine hundred thirty one.


This is how many umm...times, uhh, that my aaah, professor said umms & aahs in the month of February.

Please join me in congratulating Jessica Bern on winning the UMM contest!!
Jessica guessed 1,900. Pretty damn close, huh?
Jessica not only wins a $25.00 gift certificate to one of these fine stores:

Bath and Body
Home Depot
Dunkin Donuts
Barnes and Noble
Trader Joes
but she also wins a custom Debland t-shirt!! Actually, Jessica gets one item of her choice from my new Debland CafePress store.
I am currently waiting on Jessica's acceptance speech, and will post it as soon as I get it. I'm sure this is better than any silly Oscar or Academy Award.
Bad news: The rest of you did not win. If any of you are feeling sorry for yourselves, just be glad that you weren't there and had to listen to umm...aaah...umm...uhh over and over again.
Good news: You too can own your very own Debland novelty items!
Go visit my new shop at
and buy something nice for yourself. All shirts have printing on the front and the back. Yup, they'll be staring at your backside, people!
No, I am not making a profit. I had the option of marking up the items, and just said no.
That's just how I roll.
Don't I rock?
I thought so.
Congratulations Jessica!!


Megryansmom said...

Hrmppph was I even close? Let's just say I came in second mkay?

3carnations said...

Congrats Jessica!

kwr221 said...

Woot! Way to go Jessica!

kwr221 said...

Damn I think I was pretty close!

kwr221 said...

Geesh, isn't it supposed to be the closest with GOING OVER!?

Not that I'm jealous, or anything.

Noooooo. Not at all.

kwr221 said...

that. of course, should say WITHOUT going over. duh.

Miz Q said...

Double Hrruummmmpphh!
So the guess of 1900 was 31 off the mark, and MY guess of 1954 was only 23 off!! daggum that 'over' rule! ;o)

oh yeah, congrats, Jessica.


HoodChick said...

Umm, congrats Jessica. I uhh guess umm I can't ahh bitch about umm not winning since uhh I didn't umm enter.

Beth said...

Can I guess now?


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessica! Great guess... I'm impressed!!

The Blue Ridge Gal

bernthis said...

Oh my ahh, oohhh, God, thanks so so ahhh, well, ummm much. What can I ahh, say ahh, hmmmmm, here but that you my friend, ahhh, ahem, AHEM, yeah, okay,Deb are amazing and ahhh, let' see, uhhh, hmmmm, every time my daughter....ahhh, eats, ahhhhh, Ahem, errrr, whatever I buy ahhh, errr, hmmmm, her from Trader ahhhh, yeah, okay,ahhhh Joes, we will think of.....hmmm, ummmmm,aahhhh you.

Anonymous said...


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