Monday, March 2, 2009

NYC Recap

It all started with tickets given to me by my friend MommyC! Here is my sister Lisa proudly displaying our good fortune.Never wanting to miss an opportunity to be on camera, I felt the need to show mine off too.Lisa tried out to be their go-go dancer for the morning, so she got a front row seat. Look at her gloating. At a commerical break. Note, I was not trying to get a picture of Kelly here. Anderson is in the background...hubba hubba.
Kelly cavorting with Lisa during a commercial...I can only imagine she is saying..."Me, 100 lbs? bite your tongue!!" Again, note Mr. Man of Incredible Hotness in the background. I'm pretty sure at this point he's looking into the crowd to find me.

One of the guests - The Donald! His hair is as ugly as you would imagine, yet he was a charming guest. Very funny dry sense of humor. Can't imagine why I would like that

The next shot should not be confused as a gratuitous picture of Anderson's ass. It is simply a shot depicting art in journalism.

I did ask out loud to the audience coordinator. (during a commercial) if Anderson would go out to lunch with us. I even offered to pay! I can't imagine why they said no. After that, it was all a blur...

Even the Tom Selleck segment, which I did not get any pictures of. I was too consumed with Mr. Cooper. Upon exiting the studio, we were greeted by staff from ABC. My first thought was that I would be arrested for harassment, then to my delight, we were given tickets to ANOTHER SHOW!!!
Guess which one? Guess who was the guest? Another super hot person who surely would want to hang out with us, right?
We got to go to The View!!
Rob Lowe was the guest!!!!!!!!!!
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot hot!
He is an engaging and, how do I say it, a HOT GUEST.

My buddy, the warm up comedian from The View, Thomas J. Kelly, was kind enough to introduce me to the whole audience, and even gave out my Debland web address!
How freakin' cool is that?
I want to return the favor...go visit Tom at one of these websites
Not only is he hysterical, he is a nice guy.
After spending the whole day at TV shows, we ran out of time to do lunch and shopping. It was still worth it. We made a quick run to H&H bagels, Zabars, and for the best part, we went to Magnolia Cupcakes. Nothing like some unbelievable cupcakes to top off a great day! We had the following awesome flavors:
  • carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • red velvet
  • devil's food with marshmallow icing
  • vanilla with vanilla bean icing
  • chocolate mocha
  • Anderson Cooper - mmm...that one was my fav.

It was a great day with great company!


Marinka said...

That sounds super fun! Great pics, especially the last one!

Tenakim said...

LOVE the pics- especially the art of journalism one! WOW! You really got the hook up! I want to move to the East Coast- nothing exciting EVER happens in the midwest!

Manic Mom said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there with you. Great pics, Anderson is too hot!

Rachel said...

Looks like SO much fun!!! I never do anything that exciting!

Those red shoes of Kelly's look bigger than her whole body!

kwr221 said...

I am SO jealous! I wanna go to NYC!

I wanna go with YOU to NYC!

Everytime I get to NYC, DH plans the day around the Yankees and that really puts a cramp in my style - you know cupcakes, drinking and celebrity-satlking.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You forgot the pictures of the cupcakes!! LOL

Glad that you had a great time. Sounds like a blast!

WA said...

Wow! Thanks for that "art in journalism" one of Anderson. You might win a Pulitzer, my dear.

Megan said...

My kind of trip for sure!

I loved your sister's Mary Lou Retton Cheshire grin from the front row.

lisagh said...


Cindy said...

Jeezus shit. Can I come to NY with you the next time you go??

phd in yogurtry said...

how often do people tell your sister she looks like mary lou retton?

Megryansmom said...

SHUTUP! He mentioned your blog. That's awesome!

The Mom Jen said...

That is so cool, i'm so green! I went to Ellen, but I was in the second balcony, she looked like an ant! If I ever get to NY I'm coming to hang with you!

bernthis said...

H&H BAGELS bar none best bagel place in the world.

Love the pics, Anderson's ass and the fact that you had such a great time.

Beth said...

"The art of journalism" just cracks me up. It sounds like fun!

Now I want to go to NY with girls so I can get cupcakes!

jill jill bo bill said...

Take me next time. I must see Anderson Cooper. I will give you Rob Lowe.

Smartass Milf said...

That picture of his ass confirms that I still want to molest him. Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

What fun you must have had! Would love to do that one day.

The Blue Ridge Gal