Monday, March 23, 2009

Your vote - brat, or not a brat?

Before I launch into my latest story, I have to fill you all in on the Anderson Cooper picture. Here is how the conversation went...

Deb: Hey, do we have Photoshop?

Sean: No, we don't.

Deb: But I thought we did.

Sean: No, we don't have it.

Deb: But weren't you editing a picture recently?

Sean: yes, but it wasn't with Photoshop.

Deb: Which program was it?

Sean: I don't know, some online one.

Deb: So, you know how to edit pictures?

Sean: Yes, why?

Deb: (chickening out) No reason, just wondering.

Sean: (gives me a look and goes back to his This Old House)

As of now, there will be no pic of me with Anderson. However, one astute reader did comment that surely Anderson was reading my blog on his laptop.


Anyhow, on to bigger and brattier things. Bus stop crap. I think I've mentioned a few times that I am not really a bus stop person. Too much mommy chatter or something. Plus, kids. Lots and lots of kids. Moms chatting + kids running rampant = not my style.

This story was relayed to me by my neighbor last week. I told her I would blog about it to get your opinions. There is this 2nd grade girl at our bus stop, who is rather precocious, and kind of nosy. (these are my assesments of her). Plus, her mom is not a friendly person.

Last week, my neighbor, who is a good mom, was standing at the bus stop with her son. While waiting, she puts her hand in her coat pocket only to discover the typical mom assortment of stuff that winds up in all of our pockets. She decides to sort through it while waiting. The little girl comes up to her, stares at her, and asks what she is doing. Meanwhile, it is clear what she is doing. This kid is 8. My neighbor politely tells her that she is sorting through some stuff in her pocket. Kid keeps staring at her. While sorting, a quarter drops out of my neighbor's hand, and lands on the ground in front of the kid. The bus comes. The kid scoops up the quarter, yells "I'm gonna buy a snack with this at lunch!" and runs and gets on the bus.

Her mother wasn't there. Even if she were, she wouldn't have done anything to the kid. Her oldest kid once hit a pregnant woman at the bus stop, and she shrugged it off. I digress though.

Tell me, is she a brat, or not a brat????


Beth said...

Brat. Definitely a brat. But if her mother allows this behavior, she'll soon be a hoodlum.

Miz Q said...

Interesting question.

Does ignorance negate brattyness?

My now 24 year old had a classmate like this I'll call LC. While I was busy teaching mine to 'wait your turn' 'wait to be asked' and all those other 'good' manners,LC's mom told her 'you'll never get anything you don't ask for'.

I was horrified the first time she told me that. LC was forever inviting herself -- successfully! to all the other kids houses, parties, outings. And MY kid was getting left out at every turn, being told "sorry mom said I could only have one, I was going to invite you but LC asked first.

And your bus stop girl got a quarter for snacks!

So sometimes I found myself wondering if I wasn't somehow doing MY child a disservice in literally tying her hands with 'good manners' ?

LC moved away before 9th grade, so I don't know how she turned out. Wish I did.

MommyC said...

Should have whacked her and got her quarter back.
Opps, that would be considered abuse, wouldn't it...

kwr221 said...


Megan said...

This girl clearly is intelligent and is not getting enough positive attention at home. Therefore, she resorts to behavior that *may* result in (negative) attention. That's how smart she is. And she's quick to boot.

That's my professional opinion... no BS (with a BS in Family Science).

Coma Girl said...


Of course Anderson was reading your blog. I wonder if he'll weigh in on the brat question...

The Dental Maven said...

Yup. She's a brat, and chances are she'll get brattier as she gets older.

3carnations said...

I don't like to call kids that...But I will say that I definitely think the girl made a bad choice. If I was that woman? I totally would have told the girl "Excuse me - That belongs to me." :-)

Tenakim said...

brat- no question!

I haven't gone there yet, but I've heard is an online free photoshop tool- I really think you need to be on that couch next to AC- even if he is gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Heather said...

Brat - without a doubt.

phd in yogurtry said...


Rachel said...

I think in a younger child, this would be considered amusing, but for an 8 year old? Bratty. I bet she's coddled at home and probably gets quarters whenever she wants because nobody wants to deal with her.

My oldest daughter (when she was 3 or 4) once asked an older lady at McDonald's for her change. The sweet old lady wanted to give her a coin, but I wouldn't let her! The lesson, of course, being that we don't ask strangers for money! Only Daddy. ;)

bernthis said...

Brat, Brat, Brat

Anonymous said...

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