Thursday, February 12, 2009

You say you want a revolution...

I have a test today. Not for my online class, but for my history class. The subject matter? The French Revolution.

I never studied any of this (I don't think) prior to now, so I do find it quite interesting. Especially the whole revolution thing. Basically, if you got pissed off as to how something isn't really working for you, you can just create an uprising and it can change.

I'm thinking about my own Deb revolution. Here is a list of things I feel I need to challenge...

  • Shaving my legs - this gets old after a while
  • cramps - self explanatory
  • kids homework
  • sick parents
  • MILs - don't worry, there are more stories coming.
  • a house that doesn't seem to be able to self clean and launder
  • my homework
  • professors that say umm too much
  • caloric contents of food
  • definition of "healthy" food
  • the fact that candy is not a fruit or a veggie
  • exercise
  • my brain
  • winter
  • belly buttons - eeew.
  • packing lunches
  • making lunches
  • forgetfulness and inability to memorize anything for school. Seriously, my mind is a sieve.
  • Bus stop mom chatter
  • snotty orchestra moms
  • Maestro
  • being in therapy
  • having to wear special shoes since my foot surgery
  • change
  • going to therapy to make peace with the past, learning not to put a lot of weight on the past, but then being in a class where it's all about the past, past, past. Mixed signals????????????
  • makeup
  • "not so fresh" feeling
  • tweenager types
  • MILs
  • MILs
  • MILs
  • blog block
  • MILs

I'm sure there is more where that came the way, just so you don't peg me for being a pessimist, the list of things I love about my life is as long, or probably longer than this one. But that isn't good blog material.

Now, I need ideas as to how I should begin my revolution, you know, start it. The only thing that comes to mind is streaking. I'm thinking that is a no no.


jill jill bo bill said...

Not with special shoes. That would ruin the whole look.

America's Next Top Mommy said...

So just so we're clear- you don't like MILs? :P

phd in yogurtry said...

amendment: snotty anything moms. snotty does not go over well with me either.

Jen C said...

I've got the solution to the leg shaving thing - laser hair removal. I have done it and I'm a true beleiver!

bernthis said...

well, a revolution usually begins with someone in a higher up position being "removed" , I think you know where i"m going with this

Rachel said...

Hello? Deb, where were you a few weeks ago? You totally could have joined my anti-shaving revolution!

And MILs? We seriously need to swap stories sometime. Seriously.

Love your blog!