Monday, February 2, 2009

Things I have learned from Jessica

Many thanks to Jessica Bern for a great guest post this weekend. (((((((((Jessica)))))))))

Apparently, the above is a way of clapping for someone in typed form. Jessica, consider yourself clapped.

The other day my husband said I had a *fertile mind* which I suppose is a good thing. I mean, being told you're pretty or funny is really overrated. I want to hear stuff about my brain. Yup.

Jessica has taught me a few things from her post. Specifically, I have learned...

  • Jessica is funnier than I am.
  • Jessica has a good group of readers who were kind enough to visit Debland.
  • That even though I am only 37, I had better get one of those LifeAlert systems, because it is very clear that I am likely to be abandoned by my family during some horrific accident.
  • I cannot walk around anymore thinking that my half 'stache is ok. Yes, I have a 'stache, but it is only on one side of my lip. The left side to be exact. K? I get an A for honesty. Anyone who is laughing can shut it.
  • If the 'stache isn't ok, the chin hairs surely must go. Also, that stray hair on my left boob should go too. Clearly, the left side of my body is rebelling. Damn that right side of my *fertile* brain.

Stay tuned for stories from my weekend. Let me just say that it delivered good blog material. I will also say that I am very glad that I have therapy this Friday.

Oh, and if you're still reading, I'll be doing a contest soon. Get ready for some fun.


Marinka said...

I thought that ((((victim))) was a way of hugging on line! So you and Jessica may or may not be engaged now.

Deb said...


Wow. I never imagined that! Well, if we're engaged, we can just stop waxing our upper lips then, right?

phd in yogurtry said...

Or you could just give the right side time. You're not 40 yet. 40 is the decade of hairy symmetry. Trust me.

The Dental Maven said...

This hormonal hair thing is for the damn birds! And if you think going to the dentist is bad, try Electrolysis!

jill jill bo bill said...

I have those same hairy issues. My girlfriend got micro dermabrasion today and it is already working. I may have to check it out. I love your contests!!!! I can't wait!!!

Christy said...

She is totally funny! Don't sweat it, most of us have to do the dreaded lip wax. :)