Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Madness

A few random things swirling around in my mind today.

1. Have to read an entire book today and write a paper about it due tomorrow. Hmmm. I wonder if going out to breakfast with friends is a good or bad choice?

2. Had a bunch of girls over on Saturday night. 11 girls. They are way cool. I think they learned some new stuff from me. Thanks to a CERTAIN BLOG READER OF MINE, THEY ALL NOW ARE KIDDING ME ABOUT MY "30 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND!" Yeah. great. They all took delight in rubbing my shoulders and asking me for my class notes.

3. Blew out my back on Sat. Putting laundry in the dryer. It is a dangerous life here in Debland.

4. Are you following me? If not, please feel free to add yourself as a follower. Just scroll down the right hand side of the blog, and click follow. You'll be doing me a favor. An ego boost. Might even save me another week of therapy. Don't make me turn this into a PBS pledge drive.

5. Check out this website - It is a hilarious site of crazy homes for sale. It will provide a good laugh on this rainy Monday morning.

That's all for now. Must start getting people ready for school. Me included.


Megryansmom said...

Have breakfast, you can't concentrate on an empty tummy. Perhaps someone in the group will have read the book. You just never know. If not, try the Cliff Notes, they're online now you know LOL

jill jill bo bill said...

I am with Rita- GO have breakfast. Have a great day and read really really fast!!

another jones said...

i think you should take the 30 year old dude up on his offer - and then offer him a "i've been to debland" shirt.

bernthis said...

threw out your back tossing shit into the dryer? Who are you? Me?

♥georgie♥ said...

Oh NO NOT your back! I so feel your pain!

it's rainy there? we have sunny yummy weather just got back in fromm weeding my flower beds

enjoy your day

MommyC said...

you know you loved all those shoulder rubs, you tart

HoodChick said...

Oh well see, mine went out when I was taking laundry out of the washer. I can get in into the dryer no problemo.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Did you go to breakfast or read your book?

I would've looked for the cliff notes too.

Ouch! That laundry did that? Looks like you can't do anymore laundry.

The Dental Maven said...

I think we're talking "workman's comp" here with that dryer episode of yours.