Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can't decide...

Thanks to all of you for your most helpful responses regarding my school "situation". Although I loved all the input, these two really jumped out at me.


Dan, Well bless your heart! I must decline, but my husband has several degrees and has offered to help.

another jones said...

Tell him it's been burning when you pee lately and you really don't want to miss your doctors appointment.

By the way, here's what really happened. I sent this email back to him, after discussing it with Sean (my husband).


You are welcome for the notes. I hope they are helpful.

As far as getting together to study, I was talking with Sean (my husband), and he is going to be working on our patio he is building this weekend, so I'm going to need to be home to keep an eye on the kids. He had a good idea though - you certainly are welcome to come study over here if you like. Sunday afternoon would be best for me. Otherwise, another option would be to get a few people together from class sometime and study at school.

Let me know your thoughts. See you in class today.


I get to class last Thursday, to find him waiting for me. We briefly discuss him studying at my house, with my family here. He seems less than thrilled with this possibility. We agree to email if we want to pursue it. No one emailed each other.

I think this case is closed. I am grateful for the funny interlude it provided - but I must admit, my summer ONLINE class is looking pretty good right now...

It is my last lecture day today!! Almost done...

Congrats to Anonymous, and another Jones. You guys just might land yourselves a Debland tee.


3carnations said...

Since he is less than enthusiastic about studying at your house, I guess you read him right. Weird.

Tenakim said...

wow- that's too funny! I've missed so much! Good to know you still got it, though, isn't it?