Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best answer wins...

Well, went to school yesterday, and to my relief, there was no fanfare or nonsense from the young man who asked me out the class before...if you need a recap, click here...

So, you can imagine my surprise when I got this email on my iphone today - I copied it and pasted it below... (also, I need to add that he knows I am married. We've discussed it before.)

Thank you again for the notes. They are very detailed. What are you doing this weekend? I was wondering if you would like to come over and start studying some of this stuff for the finals. I am suppose to be kid free this weekend. You can email me back or let me know in class tomorrow. I'll see you then.



This is where you all come in. Please help your ole' pal Deb out by posting a reply email in the comment section. Be as creative as you wish. That is all I have to say right now. I'm pretty much in shock.


Megryansmom said...

Had to go reread, you never did tell him you were married. So I think you need to start there. Oh wait, am I correct in assuming that you want him to know you're married and that you don't actually want to date him???

Deb said...

Oh, no...he knows I'm married!!!

No, I am not interested...

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Oh Dan, my husband and I would so love to get together and go over the class notes. You may be kid free but I'm not husband free nor am I kid free. Oh! Btw, are you springing for dinner? That's so sweet of you!

MommyC said...

Dan, you are so welcome. Following that wonderful shoulder massage last week, I recopied the notes in my best penmanship in the hope that you would notice and want to “study” together this weekend. I make a great tart, would you want to come over for some dessert? My husband and kids would love to meet you. My son is dying to try out his new sword and my daughter loves dressing people up as fairies. Oh, and my husband just bought a chainsaw for our home improvements, you could help out.

Megan said...

"My husband says I can't come out to play."

five tomatoes said...

I prefer to study in the nude...with my husband.

Roadchick said...


Glad I could help with the notes. Studying together would be great but why don't you come to my house so you can meet my husband (& kids, if applicable)? We can chip in for pizza or Chinese. Let me know what day/time works for you.


{Yes, I am actually counselling moderation on this one. This time. The next time he asks you out sans husband, BLAST him! *g*}

another jones said...

Tell him it's been burning when you pee lately and you really don't want to miss your doctors appointment.

Coma Girl said...

I don't have a clever comeback. At least it is a nice little ego boost, no?

Manic Mom said...

How fun is this situation.
I would have fun with it. Something like...Are you into leather or should I just bring spandex. Or, can I bring my girlfriend & husband or just come alone. I love the buurning thing. Maybe ask him to go with you to pick up your "special" cream. HA HA HA HA

jill jill bo bill said...

Dear Dan,
Thanks for the invite but I will have to pass. I am going to my counseling session that is required for my sex change operation at that time. I will have my penis cut into a vagina in June.

Deb, aka Dennis

Michel said...

HA! That totally is hilarious. men are pigs.

Dear Dan,

Seriously? Kid free? That is so great to know that you can ditch your spawn at least one night a week. I assume this will be "our night" then??

I've told my husband I am leaving him for you. Be a lamb and help me get some of my things out of his house. May I stay with you? My husband insists on keeping the house.

Love you always,

dizzblnd said...

Dear Dan,

As much as I would like to come over and study, I can't. You see my leather cat suit is at the cleaners, my whip is being repaired and my 7 in black stilletos that I want are on back order. So when all this comes together, I will have my husband and children drive me to your place. They LOVE to help me study, I am sure you would find them helpful too!

PS I came from Beth's blog

3carnations said...

Thanks for the invitation. My husband and I have plans that night.

Rachel said...

Hi, Dan!

Actually my husband and I just got tickets to a show this weekend. Since you'll be kid-free, would you mind baby-sitting?

Anonymous said...

You think this ring came from a bubble gum machine? I am married by choice, so back off.

Well bless your heart! I must decline, but my husband has several degrees and has offered to help.

templework said...

Pardon my bluntness
Stop talking to the guy!
- his kind think ANY conversation is foreplay...
you have to ask yourself -
is the attention really worth it???

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