Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A personal...

Watermelon? Hmm. I was at our local produce store today, which happens to be run by folks who do not speak English. Sometimes the language barrier is truly highlighted when I read some of the signs they make to advertise their produce. Today, they were selling

"Personal" Watermelons.

That is exactly how the sign looked. So, I am now quite intrigued. What exactly is a "personal" watermelon? Thoughts:

  1. It is a watermelon you buy furtively and don't talk about. It's personal, after all.
  2. It is a watermelon that can be used when one is experiencing that "not so fresh feeling."
  3. It is a shrink in the form of a watermelon. You buy it, bring it home, and talk to it. Everything you tell it is personal. The watermelon helps you look at things from a different perspective and all becomes well with the world. If this is true, I plan on buying one and taking it to my next therapy session.
  5. Perhaps the watermelon is personable. It is a friendly sort, one that you couldn't bring yourself to actually cut up and eat.
  6. The watermelon functions as a personal assistant so you can live the movie star life you've always wanted to live. It can be your personal shopper, scheduler, your right-hand fruit.

If you have ever bought a "personal" watermelon, please share with us at Debland why. What are we all missing? Is there a greater meaning to life if one procures a "personal" watermelon? If you haven't purchased a "personal" watermelon, I would appreciate your thoughts on what it possibly could mean.

I'm feeling very philosophical today. Also, I could really go for a slice of watermelon.


The Mom said...

I only buy them if they're personally seedless!

five tomatoes said...

I would love a personal assistant watermelon!

ElleBee said...

I bought a "personally seedless" watermelon a couple of weeks ago. Was the perfect size for dessert for the four of us and it was SERIOUSLY one of the sweetest watermelons we ever tasted.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I think it's a Mine! All Mine! Personal Watermelon. No need to share just slurp and eat!

Christy said...

Ha! Personal watermelons are my favorite...but I can't tell you why, b/c it's PERSONAL!

jill jill bo bill said...

I think it's Personnel. Only for the employees.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

You could draw a face on it and strap it in the passenger seat so when you're driving you have a personal co-pilot.

Or you could put it in the back and have a back seat driver. If it gets annoying you could put it in the trunk. It might take the insult of being stuffed in the trunk personally though.

Anonymous said...