Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday, and yes, it is Saturday.

Friday had its own set of challenges and overscheduledness (is that a word?), so once again I am randomly rambling on a Saturday morning.

1. Took the midterm. Enough said. Did it go very well? Not sure, but I'm thinking NO! Grrr.

2. The other day, I found a nostril hair that was visible upon looking in the mirror. I believe that I now have post traumatic stress disorder from such a discovery.

3. It is 8:13 am, and I have yet to experience my first latte of the day. Pathetic.

4. Oh, and yes, I did take care of the nostril hair. It didn't stand a chance.

5. Weirdest Google of the week? "Three gross celebrities"

6. Oh, the Google search was research for my next round of the game"Would you Rather?" If you would like to know more specifics about this game, e -mail me and I'll explain. I will warn you, it is odd and potentially offensive to some. But it is so much fun.

7. I'm thinking people may be tired of the Starbucks guessing game. Should I retire it for a bit?

8. I discovered this week that the PB & J sandwich is definitely underrated. This discovery was made when I made one for myself with fresh bread, new all natural PB, and strawberry jam. Yum. Agreed?

9. Where the heck has Mommy C been? I miss you Mommy C!

10. What are you reading right now? Here is what I hope to read if I ever get a free moment from this is called Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson. It is supposed to be good. I'm hoping to find out for myself soon.

Time for a latte. Can't go on...


MommyC said...

Hello from long lost MommyC - busy week of doing nuthin up here with the little guy. Miss you!
When is girls night out??? I can't wait much longer - very MUCH needed.

Tenakim said...

Ok, I'll go there... what is the Would you rather game- I think I know, but fill me in and see if I'm right.