Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weird News

I'll admit it, I do enjoy weird news stories. Here's a good one.

A Pringles kind of life, a Pringles kind of death
The man who invented the Pringles can was so tickled with his own invention that he had his own ashes were buried in one.

If you want to read the full story, here is the link:

Perhaps all the time I spend with my friend Diane, who is in the movie business, influenced my first thought when I read this. Immediately after seeing this story, I said out loud, "that's a wrap"!
At the risk of making this un-funny, I will explain myself. When they finish production on a movie, they say that the film is "in the can".
My second thought about the whole thing is how I've always hated to get to the bottom of a can of Pringles, because it is always full of crushed up potato chips. That immediately led me to think that in this case, the can is full of crushed pieces only. Ha.
So, what would you get buried in? If you had asked me before I got my own espresso machine, I would have said a Starbucks cup. Now it might have to be in an empty bottle of salon hair color.

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ElleBee said...

I heard this story on the radio and laughed out loud. I guess he was REALLY proud of his invention (as well he should have been), and, well, his ashes will be fresh for a good long while! ;)