Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks for the memories

Couldn't post yesterday, buried in schoolwork, but I am sad to say that Monkey was sent on his way to a new destination. Later today, I will update to post the pictures from our last days together. Come check it out!

Finally done homework for the day. Taking the rest of the day off to do exciting wild things like errands! Oooh, and laundry!!! Maybe I'll get really crazy and vaccum!!!! I am a crazy unpredictable chick, you know.


Jen said...

I visited the Monkey blog and loved the pics! Monkey certainly had some adventures with you. I'm sure the salon trip will be especially memorable for Monkey. You were a fabulous hostess.

lisagh said...

This is so cute! You were a great hostess, Deb. I'm sure Monkey will have many fabulous memories.

(funny how we talk about him as if he's real, huh?!)

Deb said...

You know, they seem real don't they? They have such expressive cute faces! Our Stinky is quite the little spoiled monkey.