Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday...on Saturday

Sorry folks. It just didn't happen yesterday. I was busy from 4am till bedtime. Here's what is in my head at the moment...

1. I am so psyched b/c I made 2, yes 2 Starbucks bets yesterday. Not just any Starbucks bets, these are serious ones. If I win, I will get a Venti drink of my choice, with extra shots, as well as a pastry item of my choice. YEAH BABY!! I'm totally taking this person to the cleaners. I am confident I'll win bet #1, semi-confident about bet #2. Will keep everyone posted.

2. Check out this sign that is posted at our church. Make an educated guess as to what it means. Members of my church, you may not play if you know what it is about. It just wouldn't be fair. But, you can comment.

3. Weirdest Google of the week: "Obama smokes". I just found out last week he is a smoker. Not that I care, I really don't, but I'll admit I was surprised. He just doesn't look like one. Hopefully, for his sake, he'll be able to kick the habit. Apparently he is working on it.

4. Paula Deen is also a smoker. I found that surprising. Again, who really cares, but it is a random thought, so it must be posted.

5. Damn, gas is expensive!

6. What was your favorite popsicle flavor growing up? Hands down, mine was grape.

7. I had to go to court this week. I got nabbed for a registration violation at the end of April. The cop, and the folks at the township building all told me to plead not guilty. I felt kind of bad, because I was guilty. We had simply forgotten to re-register the car last fall when I was recuperating from surgery. I even tried to tell the cop I was guilty, and he said, "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that." Weird. Long story short, we registered the car the day after I got the ticket. So I went to court prepared to explain that I was guilty, but because I brought the new registration with me, they dismissed the charge. I'm getting my $165.00 back!

8. On the way to court, I saw this restaurant. I was in Lower Merion Twp, which is a pretty swanky area. Now I love sushi, but the combination of the name of this restaurant coupled with the ugly sign would prevent me from ever going there. Agreed? What a stupid name. It sounds like a playground or something.

9. When I was a little kid, I used to think we had a tape in our head that had all of the words on it that we were going to say in our lifetime. I remember asking my parents what would happen if the tape ran out, because I was really worried I would run out of stuff to say.

10. My parents laughed and said they wished I did have a tape in my head so I would stop talking so much. Wow. Feel the love!

11. Starbucks update: Went one day this week. What day did I go?

And that, my friends, concludes my random thoughts. Just for now. Until my tape runs out.

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