Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Thoughts. It may never happen on a Friday again.

1. Exhaustion is not becoming.

2. I need to become not exhausted.

3. We're going to a party tomorrow, and I just referred to my husband as "the beer guy." Translation: He has to bring the beer to the party.

4. Went to Target for a "couple things" yesterday, spent almost $100. What is it with that place? This always happens. It cannot be a coincidence.

5. Bermuda cruise - has anyone out there done one? We found a sweet deal on one, and are contemplating its merits.

6. How could a Bermuda cruise be bad?

7. Weirdest Google of this week: Bible Beer. I was looking to find a Christian labeled beer for this party we're going to. Funny thing is, there is one that is called Arrogant Baptist. I found that to be very funny.

8. Too brain dead to post more random thoughts. Please let me know what is on your mind! What kind of thoughts do you have?

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