Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 10 things I would rather be doing than studying for this stupid midterm.

Ok, maybe I'm a whiner. No, actually, I am being a whiner, ok?

I'm in a summer class, and it is all about computers. Not interesting. One of the textbooks is called "Technology in Action". Now, when I think of "action", a computer manual is not what comes to mind. The other book is called "Mastering Applications in the Real World". Sorry folks, this isn't my real world. Not that I don't love knowing about USB ports, twisted pair cables, defragging, and other tasty little computer tidbits. Really, I do. There are just other things I would rather be doing right now. Like what, you ask?

1. Cleaning Bathrooms
2. Listening to the kids fight
3. Being told I'm the World's Worst Mom
4. Going to a Yanni concert
5. Listening to a George Bush speech. (Actually, those are pretty funny)
6. Hanging out with my mother in law
7. Going to my parent's insane church, with my parents. (which makes it more insane)
8. Go to the dentist
9. Watching C-Span
10. Practice violin etudes (just kidding S!)

Do I have a bad attitude? I mean, really, are there people that actually get off on computer crap? The funniest part, is that the guy who wrote "Technology In Action", actually dedicated the book to his wife! All I have to say is she better be a techie, or he better be prepared for her to run off with someone more interesting, like an astrophysicist.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Time for some Captain Crunch.


Kerry said...

you'd rather be cleaning bathrooms??

I went private today - temporarily - if you want me to send you an invite let me know at hotpinkpencil at hotmail dot com

Jen said...

Going to a Yanni concert? Your parent's church w/the parental units?? Seriously???