Friday, September 26, 2008

After a long is Random Thoughts Friday!!

Wow, has it been this long? No random thoughts postings from me in months! Well, a lot of my postings are kind of random. Random thoughts Friday might be more purposeful than I think. Hmm...

Here's what is in my head today!

1. Iwoniwoniwoniwoniwoniwoniwoniwoniwon I WON!

Look what Jill gave me!!! An award that I cannot read. Luckily for me, Jill gave me the translation. Here goes: This blog invests and believes, in the proximity.

In a nutshell, I think what this award is trying to say is that although we are far apart, blogging makes our world seem smaller, and our bloggy friends closer. Isn't that sweet? Thanks Jill!

2. Note: Jill did not give me this award just because she won my t-shirt contest. Right Jill? Right? Jill? ... Bueller?

3. The Gorilla Glue is off my hands. Took several hours, but it is gone!! Yes, toilet paper did stick to my fingers, thanks for asking!

4. So Jill wants to have a big bloggy sleepover next year at her house in TX. I am so into getting on a plane and going to hang with people I haven't met before. How fun is that? Does this surprise anyone that I would be into that?

5. At school yesterday, this cool hip teen girl asked me if I want to be her study partner for our upcoming Stat test. She is super cool, and super young. I'm so flattered! I'm fitting right in with the kids at school. Next thing you know, I'll be getting tattooed and pierced everywhere. When I made a comment that I was kind of like, well, old, she said "you're not the only older one, there are a few more in the class". I know she wasn't trying to offend, but it doesn't do a lot for my potential theory that maybe I'm not actually that old. I think she might think that because I'm old, I actually know something about Stat. Boy, will she be disappointed.

6. My weirdest Google search of the week: "Does Hugh Hefner still actually have sex?" I searched this one with my sister Lisa. I'm totally bringing her down with me here. We were watching TV this week (she came to stay over for a couple of days), and we got stuck on watching "The Girls Next Door". Inevitably, we started wondering if Hef is well, you know, viable. Apparently he is. 82 years old. Lisa says she plans to be done with all of that when she is that old. I'll have to inform her husband of this.

Wow, I'm such a chatty Kathy today! I could go on and on, but I actually have a "meeting" to go to. (Meeting - lunch with my friends Sue and Jen).

Play along with me here - tell me your weirdest random thought that you are having right now. Don't be shy, we are all friends here. There is no room for judgement here in Debland.

Oh, one more thing: I have to pass my award are the lucky recipients!

1. Ele - Ele is a friend of a friend, and a super nice person! I haven't met her in person, but feel like I know her. Stop by sometime and read about her adventures with her super cute baby, and her adventures of achieving her dream of opening her own store. Congrats Ele!

2. Tena - Tena rocks. Love ya Tena!!

3. Happy Hour Sue - Sue probably already has this, but she is so stinkin' funny, she deserves another one. She is a real whiz with Play Doh.

4. Kristin - Another one of my newer blog friends. Kristin is really fun, and is just starting a new activity on her blog, the "traveling box of bloggy goodness", which is sure to be a blast.

5. Mariah - Just go read her blog. Just do it.

Congrats to all of you! More random thoughts coming your way soon...


jill jill bo bill said...

You are crazy funny and I love ya! Random enough?!

Megryansmom said...

Hi, head over to my blog to pick up another trinket I have for you!

Insane Mama said...

Yeah! Bloggy good stuff! Congrats and thanks.

HappyHourSue said...

Thank you, thank you!!!!!!
Why wasn't I invited to the bloggy sleepover?

Ele said...

Aw thanks!

kwr221 said...

I'm waaay behind on this, but THANKS!