Monday, September 29, 2008

Friends and family

It has been a weird day, to say the least. My mind is a virtual roller coaster of emotions and thoughts. I'm working on little sleep, a mild hangover from my first single malt scotch drinking experience last night, and dealing with much life activity. Not a super great combo. The main thing on my mind today is relationships. Yesterday's post got me thinking about relationships, specifically, my relationships with others.

Warning: this may be a rambling post. Just thought that should be said.

Look what I got from a new blog friend of mine!

Thanks so much! I won this simply for being a new reader of megryansmom. I really am amazed at how the blog world can bring people together. It is so much fun, and I really am enjoying *virtually* meeting people. I feel like I have known many of you for a long time. Blogging has been a great experience for me. I really appreciate all of you!

**Update** I also have discovered I have a reader from Turkey! Don't know who you are, but welcome!

Now, as the saying goes..."should old acquaintence be forgot...", I would like to say that some of my original Debland readers are not commenting anymore! These are folks I know in real life, and I have missed seeing their shiny happy comments. One of my readers, who at this point WILL REMAIN NAMELESS, said she doesn't know any of my commenters anymore, and feels weird about commenting! What? No way. I cannot accept this. I just want this to be one big happy commenting family, ok? A functional family. I've already done the dysfunctional family thing (growing up in my weird home), and as fun as that was, I'm not looking to repeat that anytime soon. So, you know who you are...come back and join in! Debland is a place where we can actually employ the bullshit we were taught in preschool and kindergarten. Bullshit, you ask? Yes, remember how we were told that "we all can play together, we are all friends, we can all get along..." This will actually work here. It doesn't work anywhere in the real world.

Now, please do not mistake this for an invitation for bullshit comments. Yes, Chris (my little bro), this means you!

Speaking of Chris, you've got to get to know him better. He is so freakin' funny, and likeable despite his, how should I put this, his Chris-ness. Chris - make yourself known here! I think I'll have Chris guest post one day soon. He is a rare find. Not like a diamond or anything, but more like a weird growth or something. He's not malignant but is fascinating, disturbing, and despite your best effort, you can't stop looking at him, or wanting to know more. Trust me, you'll see.

My sister Lisa is a hoot too. I would love to get her to guest post. I'll get on that right away. Lisa loves beating Chris, so perhaps I shall make it a contest to see who offers to guest post first.

Seriously, my siblings really are my friends. I can't imagine my life without them, and I will blatantly assume without asking them that they feel the same way about me. Right guys? Right? Hey, guys????

Then you have friends who are like family. There are a few amazing people in my life that I am so fortunate to have. You all know who you are, so there is no need to name names. Thanks for being there. Honestly, I don't know how these people put up with me. But they do, and I am so grateful for them. They even like me when I have green booger filled bloodshot eyes and stained clothes. They like me even when I spit food out when laughing excessively while drinking cocktails with them. I don't recall any of them smacking me with a purse. That, is true friendship.

So, even in my head filled with all kinds of craziness and random thoughts, I hope that all of you know how much I appreciate you for the part that you play in my life.

Now, where did I put that scotch??


jill jill bo bill said...

I feel exactly the same way! I would be lost without knowing all my friends and family weren't waiting for me everyday in this little black box that sits on my table. nd I don't even have to put on makeup or sweep my floor. I love it!

georgie said...

awwww Deb I love your rambling post!

I am a new commenter I hope I havent scared anyone away-it is hard keepin up with jill and debs witty comments but i try lol

Lisa said...

I have just two things. First, what are doing drinking malt scotch with Sean gone? And, I would so beat Chris at any blogging it would be no contest.

Chris said...

Wow. Such pressure to respond given the praises sung about me in this post. However, when you pointed out that you can't stop looking at me -- all I could imagine was a goiter. In other news, I thought Debbie's last post about the contact lenses was high comedy. Lisa -- i'm open to a blog-off.

Christy said...

Sometimes I can't even believe what a great resource blogging has been. I've met some pretty amazing people online and I've even had the opportunity to incorporate some of them into my "real" life. I feel truly blessed.

BTW--I forgot to mention in my comment yesterday, I get a stain on my shirt EVERY DAY. I'm NOT even kidding! The only time I am guaranteed not to spill anything on myself is if I'm wearing a black shirt that day. It's become a source of a great amount of teasing from my husband that I have to buy new t-shirts from Target on a regular basis. So, if you ever see me walking down the street, you'll know it's me from the coffee dribble on my boob!

Tenakim said...

I agree - we are all very lucky to have this as an outlet and to have people to support us!

MommyC said...

That is the true sign of a great friend, someone who will still sit next to you with green booger filled bloodshot eyes. Ok, off to get some lunch... :)

chris said...

I think it's funny that folks are offering this much love and support -- given that your original post was inspired by an introspective mood that most people would call a hangover. I mean, yes, we siblings love you too and we consider you a friend. However, you were feeling sappy because you had too much scotch. I think your readers need to step up and call you out on this. Unless they are all hungover as well.

georgie said...

I vote for hung-over as well! I'm just sayin...

Megryansmom said...

Now, please do not mistake this for an invitation for bullshit comments.

Would you prefer DOG, CAT or GUINEA PIG shit comments instead? I can offer either or all, or I may be able to scrape some bird shit off my car. Wait, wait, the garbage still isn't out for the night, there's some baby shit around here too.

You're welcome for the award, and thanks for reading.

Christy said...

Of course we're all hung over! That's why we're at homr talking to other people on our computers! Pour me another one Deb! LOL

Deb said...


I like the way you think. My pleasure, I'll pour one for both of us.