Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just click your heels 3 times and...

you will NOT be on a cruise, headed toward Bermuda again. Instead, it will be the 1st day of school for the kids, with a bus that didn't arrive to pick them up, coming into a house that needs cleaning, and to add insult to injury, a clogged espresso machine. Never fear friends, in Debland we are all about solutions. After finishing this post, I will head to the nearest Starbucks, go to Trader Joes to grocery shop, and come home and make sense of this house. Then, I will prepare myself for my adventures tomorrow...hehe.

Welcome to my Bermuda vacation.

Pics of the ship:

Evan wasted no time, and started meeting the girls:
Within 15 minutes, it looked as if they were shooting a commercial for the cruise line. Obviously, this girl was a little fast.

Alissa seemed to be getting jealous of all the attention Evan was getting, so she proceeded to attempt to drown him in the hot tub.

I wasted no time finding the fab drink of the day, and consumed them without abandon. This one was particularly delicious. The second one was good too. I'm told I enjoyed the 3rd one. (haha)

Land ho! Bermuda from afar:

Coming into port:

Island tour. If you go, get a tour from the local taxi drivers. They are more reasonable and more knowledgeable than the expensive tours you can purchase.

St. Georges is a cute little town. This is where our port was. They had old fashioned stockades in the town square, and Evan couldn't resist.

Beach time! These beaches are unbelievable. The pics don't begin to depict their beauty. Check out my "I might blog this" t-shirt. Interested in getting one? Click here, and order one from my bloggy friend Sue: http://www.happymealsandhappyhour.blogspot.com/

Caves on the beach.

Alissa enjoying the water:

Evan climbing the caves:

Sexy grandpa on the beach. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Finally, we had to say goodbye to Bermuda, very regretfully. Pulling out of port:

Dinner the last night on the ship:

There are tons more pics, but I picked the ones I liked best.

Tomorrow, it is back here:

Don't ask me how, but Diane got more tickets sent to her in the mail. We will be at the live show, so tune in!!! Maybe you'll see me creating mayhem. Maybe I'll win a great prize this time. Time will tell. Anyhow, always looking for an adventure, so why not?


Tenakim said...

Great trip pics!! I can't believe you're going back to the view- maybe it's their way of preinterviewing you for a spot!

The Mom said...

What a blast you had! God the waters are just an amazing color! Hope you have a better prize, I mean time at the View!! LUCKY!!

HappyHourSue said...

OMG! The shirt is real! (I still don't have one- how lame am I). The pics are gorgeous - looks like you had a blast.!

Insane Mama said...

Wow, Bermuda is beautiful! "the girl was a little fast" HAHAH

jill jill bo bill said...

Beautiful pix!!! I lmao, too about the fast girl. I also agree with the taxi driver advice. We had one in Aruba who told us his version of what happened to Natalie. Veddy interesting!

amelia bedelia said...

Looks like you had a great time. Back to the grind, always sucks. And the view tickets.....you have to hold up a sign that says "i love my blog friends"! Lucky!

georgie said...

DEB-I HATE YOU!!!! I kid I kid...but geesh I bet $4500 coulda bought me a cruise and then some...huh?
I LOVED the pics man o man I am soooo envious I love boats I love white sandy beaches I love the water I love the sun ohhhhh glad you had a good time I am jealous

Cindy said...

Wow--what amazing pics!

Yeah. Back to school is a tons of yucks, isn't it? I'm assuming next weeks all our "kinks" will be worked out. Ha.

Ele said...