Thursday, September 4, 2008

Third time's a charm - NOT!!!!!

Folks, I'm sorry to say that The View trip was, well, disappointing. Diane, Lisa and I had a great time, but the show sort of stunk. Maura Tierney was supposed to be on, and cancelled at the last minute, so the show became a day of "hot topics" instead.

"Hot Topics" = shitty prizes.

It was fun to watch the hosts yell at Elisabeth for her incredibly uninformed opinions and uptight conservative ways. She is a few cents short of a dollar, in my opinion. Whoopi is just fabulous, and the smartest one on the show. Very entertaining to listen to, and thought provoking to boot. Barbara Walters was there, and she's not bad either.
We got a CD from an artist by the name of Adele. She was actually an excellent singer, and I'm glad to have her new CD.

What else did we get??

Do you really want to know??

Take a guess...

I swear. We got a friggin canister of Clorox wipes. Very reminiscent of last time: http://http//

Obviously, The View is trying to tell me that my bathrooms are dirty, which they might be, but as far as I'm concerned, it is none of their d*mn business.

Here are a few pics:

Barbara Walters talking to us during a commercial break:
Cutie Pie Tom Kelly, the warm up comedian for the audience. We made friends with him last time.
So as not to disappoint my readers that we would be wild in NY, here is a pic of Tom's other side. Enjoy.

Lisa being gracious about the prize:

Realizing that it wasn't the Clorox wipes' fault, we decided to take them out to lunch.They were very well behaved.They enjoyed a lovely iced tea, and a plate of fried polenta sticks.Then in the cab, after lunch, Lisa flipped them off. Couldn't help it.

I gave mine to my mom when I got home. It was the least I could do since she got the kids off the bus.

Hey, we were on TV a lot! Anyone see us???


Tenakim said...

too funny- what are the chances- clorox again- and not even a bag of stuff!!! Cheap asses! Too bad it didn't live up to great expectations. I do, however, love Adele! She's only like 18! Sounds very mature!

More, More, More said...

no way i freakin missed you on TV!?

I love Adele by the way - sounds like Amy Winehouse and yet she looks normal!

Insane Mama said...

Whats with all the freakin clorex? What a let down. I really want to go to the tapping of Jerry Springer and rip my shirt off or something

Thomas J. Kelly said...

Too funny. As you can see this is why I wear baggy pants.

georgie said...

How cool you got to go to a taping of the View...I REALLY wanna see Ellen-but unless she comes to Oklahoma I am affraid that will never happen