Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where is pointer, where is pointer?

Here I am! Here I am!

How are you today sir?

Not very well, I thank you.

My stupid owner tried to cut me off.

Remember the Where is Thumbkin song? Having emerged from the preschool years not super long ago, I still recall it.

Anyhow, here's an update:

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and empathy for my little situation. I'll try to answer the questions I got from some of you.

1. Yes, as you can see, I can still type. It is hard, because I cannot use my left index finger, which is heavily bandaged. So, the middle finger is picking up the slack. The only issue here is that I am slow and make a lot of typing mistakes.

2. I was cutting open a package of cheese when this happened. It sounds funnier to say I cut the cheese, doesn't it?

3. Not to gross anyone out, but so far, things are healing well. The "chunk" is staying put, and it looks as if part of it wants to reattach, so that is good. Luckily my mom is a nurse and can do my wound care for me. She has to clean it and rebandage it every 24 hours.

Funny story here. Yesterday, as my mom is rebandaging me, she starts talking about pharmacies. Immediately, I think of my recent blog post from a couple of days ago. So, she tells me that she will order some special bandages for me from this online drugstore she has been using. Then she says, "they ought to give me a discount, since I ordered about $80.00 worth of hemerrhoid stuff from them."

Mystery solved! Eeew.


amelia bedelia said...

her hemroids must be really bad! poor thing! glad you are on the mend. I bet you think twice before you cut the cheese again.

jill jill bo bill said...

ROLLING!!!! That conversation with your mom is the funniest thing I have heard today!!! And the song was my kid's favorites and I will singing it all day, thankyouverymuch. I am so glad you are doing better. I guess I should quit B&Ming about my dull knives. I still have all ten fingers intact.
Thank God you can still type!!!
I love cheese, but I wouldn't give my finger for it. You are a trooper.
Take advantage of the big padded pointer and shake it at the family to get your point across. FEAR THE FINGER!!

kwr221 said...

I *still wamt to know if you got blood in the breakfast and if the fam still ate it (not the bloody part)?

Glad your mom can help you.

I bet she'll be thrilled to know the internet knows about her hemorroids.

Tenakim said...

how funny and too much information.

Linda S said...

That's too funny...glad the finger is doing better and you are able to make your way around the keyboard..

Deb said...

Hey Kwr!

I forgot about these other questions:

a. No, I successfully avoided bleeding upon the cheese.

b. the kids did not get to finish their breakfast as we had to hustle to the ER. We took them to our neighbor's house, and she offered them something to eat.

c. my mom has no clue I blog. I plan on keeping it that way.

Insane Mama said...

I love that little preschool school. glad you are improving. Quit cutting the cheese