Monday, August 18, 2008

Trading one for the other can make you a flake (literally)

So, I'm at the beach last week after just having had fresh color and highlights put in my hair. (I know, I should have waited to go until after the trip). Being the very deep and non shallow person I am, I was very paranoid that my hair would fade. That would be the end of the world. Anyhow, each day on the beach, I would meticulously tuck my hair all up into a baseball cap, so as to protect my hair, as well as enhance my overall sex appeal. (ha ha)

Guess what? It worked! I felt so triumphant. Yesterday, as I was fixing my beloved hair, I noticed a little piece of dead skin on my earlobe. I reached up to rub it, and literally sheets of skin peeled off my ear. As it turns out, I protected my hair color, but will now be getting a serious case of skin cancer on my earlobe sometime in the near future. The sun burnt the crap out of it.

I feel a mix of emotions here, I do feel rather stupid, but I also wrestle with feeling smug that I outsmarted the sun and its hair fading properties.

Hmm...hmm...I'm at a loss for more words. Just thought I'd share a portion of the exciting dangerous life I lead.


lisagh said...

Is it bad that I laughed out loud at the prospect of earlobe cancer? Well I did. I'm sorry. hee hee hee...

Insane Mama said...

My ears too! I was thinking my ears realy stuck out or something, and THEN I realized that my hair was under the hat. and not protecting my skin.