Saturday, August 23, 2008

My status as of tonight will be questionable...

Hi everyone,

I'm going on vacay with the family starting today. We're going on a Bermuda cruise until next Friday. Apparently, the internet access on cruise ships is quite expensive, so I won't be blogging "live" next week. (unless I can sneak away while Sean is napping or something) But, I'm hoping to get some posts ready ahead of time, so don't forget to check in at Debland this week!

Ok, something you should know. Well, not really, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I get seasick. I get carsick, I get sick in Imax theatres, on rides, even doing certain yoga poses. Yet I am going on a cruise. I really want to see Bermuda!! I went on a cruise for my honeymoon. I didn't get sick, but also spent most of the week drinking. A. lot. of. drinking. Hmm.

Now that I have 2 kiddos, the cruise will be much more tame then in my wild young years. That being said, it is quite possible I'll be sick. Yuck.

So, either I'll be having a great time when you read this, or I'll be trying out some new yoga-like poses as I puke in the ever so tiny bathroom in our cabin. I am well supplied with Dramamine, so I'm hoping for the best.

What do you think will happen? Vote now in comments! When I get back, I'll let you know.

Will Deb:

a. bow down to the porcelain gods on Norwegian Cruise Line?

b. be able to drug herself sufficiently to have fun?

I'll be interested to see what you guys think.

Bon Voyage!


Deborah said...

Have a great time! I'd love to go to Bermuda. I'll have to live vicariously through you this week!

The Mom said...

Wow what a since taking your place because I don't get seasick wasn't an option i'm going for B. Hope you have a fabulous time and that the meds work like a charm!

My mom had the same issue and now goes with some wrist bands and all kinds of tricks to keep her well.

Have fun!

Tenakim said...

Hoping you have a great time, but from a fellow overall motion sick person- I'm going to go for A. I went on a cruise when I was 18- I had dramamine and slept for 3 days out of the 7. Since then they have come up with new thingees to fight it- hope you brought some and they work better than Dramamine! Can't wait to hear of your adventures!

More, More, More said...

I say go for B. We had the joy of going on the Queen Mary 2 for a trip and sadly I was not able to drug myself enough though... or maybe I did too much - all I wanted to do was sleep and that's no fun! SO don't drug yourself too much and HAVE FUN!

amelia bedelia said...

I hope you don't spend your whole trip puking. So I'm betting you find good drugs. Legal drugs.