Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What do YOU need?

Check out this funny game! I've seen it on several blogs, most recently on Mariah's blog: http:helpihaveateenager.blogspot.com/

Here's how it works. Go on Google, or any search engine, type in your first name, then a plus sign, then the word "needs". Here's what my search looked like:


Then, you write down the first 10 phrases that pop up, which tell you what you "need" Here is what came up for me.

1. Deb needs HAL removed. -
Now I'm not sure what Hal is, perhaps it is a skin growth, a stalker of mine, I don't know. I do know however, that whatever the hell HAL is, I want him/it removed immediately.

2. Deb needs help with whole words.
Ok, now it is getting a bit personal. I thought I had a pretty good way with words, but apparently I don't.

3. Deb needs our help.
Well, they say it takes a village, so I guess this is true. Please help me.

4. Deb needs xbill.desktop file -
FINALLY, someone is listening to me. Those who know me well know that I complain about this all of the time. I want my xbill desktop file, hear me?

5. Deb needs helpers! -
Ok, did we not cover this in #3? I thought there was no shame in needing helpers.

6. Deb needs your prayers -
Do you sense a theme here? I hope nothing horrible is about to happen to me!

7. Deb needs a revelation when a grisly axe murderer kills a man. -
Uh. Hmm. WTF?

8. Deb needs dependency on... -
ON WHAT? There's no ending to this phrase! What could I possibly need dependency on? Aren't cafe' lattes enough?

9. Deb needs to join this group.
Sounds good to me, if I knew which group it was. Is it a 12 step group? Is it a group of people who are getting shipped off to the funny farm? Maybe it is a coffee group of some kind. Hopefully it isn't a swingers group or something kinky like that.

10. Deb needs to be processed by Ubuntu's automagic installer -
Maybe that will happen in the group I will be joining.

Well, I amused myself. Hopefully you too are amused. Please feel free to comment, or add to what you think I need. I need comments. They are integral to my feeling successful as a blogger.

I can hear it now..."My name is Deb, and I'm a comment whore..."


amelia bedelia said...

I need to do this....it will give me something to do at work tomorrow!! Yours is hysterical!

jill jill bo bill said...

Sooo funny! Thanks so much for all your sage advice and kind words. You have made me able to make it thru the day.

Because I am a copy cat I am going to do this, too. Thanks again!

You da bomb!!!

Megan said...

Did it on my blog.

About your HAL problem: Wasn't that the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey? That would be a total problem for you! :)

Manic Mom said...

Hey!!! It's Blog Whore Manic Mom....Looking for Comment Whore Deb!!!!! LOL
Go check out my Blog....I have a mission for you!

HappyHourSue said...

That's hilarious! I'm gonna try it.