Saturday, August 9, 2008

No, I didn't do an 8-8-08 post!!!

Ok, sitting here lamenting the fact that I didn't do a post on the supposedly lucky 8-8-08! The only reason I'm realizing this is because other bloggers I read did in fact crank out a post on that day.

But, I suppose I've never been one who follows the rules too often, so I will boldly declare that I DID NOT do an 8-8-08 post!

Sigh. Still wish I did.

Ok, onto a completely different subject. We're supposed to go to the beach tomorrow for a couple of days. That will definitely be good for some new blog posts upon my return. Check this out though! I'm talking to the kids about the beach's the conversation...

Me - ok, after we do blah blah blah tomorrow, we'll leave for the beach. (by the way, we're not really doing blah blah blah, I just didn't feel like typing it all out)

Alissa - "Ok", she says with a sigh.

Me - "What's wrong?"

Alissa - "Well, I just was hoping we could shop for school supplies, since we just got our lists."

Me - "We can do it when we come home."

Alissa - "I really want to do it tomorrow!"

Me - "But don't you want to get to the shore?"

Alissa - "Not if it means we can't shop for school supplies."

Me (Thinking in my head at this point, not speaking) "What in the world is wrong with this child? She CAN'T be serious, can she? Shit, I think she is serious."

Me (out loud) - "I can't promise it will happen tomorrow, but we'll see."

Note: for anyone who doesn't have kids yet, saying "we'll see" is a huge mistake. The kids totally think it means that you said yes. Honestly, it is true.

Later this evening, I'm putting the kids to bed. I kiss Alissa, tuck her in, and go to leave her room. I wish her a good night, and say I love you.

Alissa - "So we're going to shop for school supplies tomorrow, right?"

I swear. Is it just me, or is that totally weird? Maybe I was a slacker in school or something. Guess I should be glad, but I want to go to the shore, NOT to Target where I'm guaranteed to blow a minimum of $100.00.

I'll keep you posted. (No pun intended)


Weith Kick said...

I don't think I did an 080808 post either. Oh well, there's always 090909.

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