Thursday, August 7, 2008

Looks can be deceiving

So now that the kids are getting older, they're at an age that I actually remember being. It really does bring about some deja-vu moments from time to time, especially when it comes to toys. I remember being mesmerized by certain toys from back in the 70's, and desperately wanting other toys that I didn't get.

One toy that I always wanted, but never got was an Easy Bake oven. I used to watch those commercials where the little girls would get together with their friends to create a multitude of confectionary delights, which in the commercial would look just perfect, like it came from a bakery. I was soooo jealous, and convinced that I too, could replicate these desserts.

I asked. I was told no. I begged. It didn't happen. Unfortunately, by age 5 I caught on to the whole Santa thing, so I knew asking Santa wouldn't work.

Sadly, I didn't get one. Eventually I did come to realize that it was for the best. (sniff!)

Sean, as a little boy, always remembered wanting this toy...

Remember these? Yup! A Snoopy sno-cone machine. I can still see the commercial, kids on a hot summer day making delicious looking sno-cones, and putting various colors and flavors of syrup on them. They always looked so refreshing, and so perfect. To have one of these would guarantee a child from the 70's pure bliss, right? Of course.

Last year before Christmas, I was thumbing through some catalogs that sold old fashioned toys and stumbled across the sno-cone machine. Feeling charitable, as well as wanting to fulfill one of Sean's little childhood dreams, I bought it for him for Christmas. I was actually excited to give it to him. I had idyllic visions of him making sno-cones with the kids this summer, just like in the commercials I so vividly remembered.

They tried it. The stupid thing completely sucked. Sean's arm was completely exhausted and cramped up from trying to crank the stupid thing. It made minute amounts of shredded ice. There were no syrup packets.

It's now sitting on a pantry shelf, unused, and unloved.

Why am I posting about this? No reason. Just what came to mind. If anyone wants to share about a toy from the 70's era, whether they had it or just wanted it, feel free. If not, you can certainly confirm your suspicions that I am nuts, and read your next blog in your feed. :)


Tenakim said...

I had that thing- it totally sucked! You had to turn that handle and it was so hard and so much work for like a 1/4 cup of ice!

My husband is a nostalgia junkie- I see old stuff and I just think clutter.

Emily said...

I TOTALLY wanted the snoopy machine! Yet, my parents got me the off-brand snowman-friend machine, thinking it would be just the same. Well, it wasn't! I am relieved to know, however, that all such machines did not work like they did in the commercials. Now you can buy the electric kind, so why would you ever subject yourself to hard work?? So funny that you got one for Sean. See, it just goes to show what happens when you try to be nice!

Weith Kick said...

Do you remember Sea Monkeys? They ads for them could be found in comic books. I always wanted them but never got them. I always wanted the stuff in comic books like Xray glasses

Insane Mama said...

I loved the snoopy sno cone maker, but I loved and still love anything snoopy!

I had an easy bake, it sucked, don't worry you were not missing anything

jill jill bo bill said...

I, myself, was a shrinky dink addict. I loved them! And Stretch Armstrong, I actually dated him in High School. And who can forget about the Sock 'em Bop 'em Robots? Can you tell I was tomboy?

jill jill bo bill said...

BTW- I was kidding about the therapy that I needed after the day I had, but I have been there and done the therapy thing....before my D-I-V-O-R-C-E. He was a christian counselor that I really liked...until I saw him and my then-husband having lunch and laughing. Never went back. Bastard. (both of them)

Cindy said...

I wanted one of those ovens too!! But my mom said "If you want to cook, you can use my oven." The problem is that meant I would have to cook WITH HER, and I really just wanted to cook ALONE.

Someone got Sophie one of those snowcone machines for Christmas last year. What a piece of crap. More plastic in the landfill.

A very nice post, Deb. :)