Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are you Batman?

So I get this funny joke from Emily the other day...thought you would like to see it. Also, I want to see who is brave enough to 'fess up as to what they think would happen to them. Come on, feel free to share! Ladies, you share what you think would happen, gentlemen, feel free to say how you might react. Here goes:

Subject: Three women
> Three women: one engaged, one married and one a
> mistress, are chatting about their relationships and
> decided to amaze their men.
> That night all three will wear black leather bras,
> stiletto heels and a mask over their eyes. After a
> few days they meet up for lunch.
> The engaged woman: The other night when my boyfriend
> came over he found me with a black leather bodice,
> tall stilettos and a mask
> He saw me and said,"You are the woman of my life. I
> love you." Then we made love all night long.
> The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover
> at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice,
> heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat.
> When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but
> we had wild sex all night.
> The married woman: I sent the kids to stay at my
> mother's house for the night.
> When my husband came home I was wearing the leather
> bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over
> my eyes.
> As soon as he came in the door and saw me he said,
> "What's for dinner, Batman?"
> >

Ok, I'll go first...I would love to think things would wind up like #1, but I'm suspicious that #3 could be a real possibility. Don't know, and I don't know if I plan on testing those waters. First, because it sounds like a lot of effort. Second, if my son Evan found an outfit like that, he'd be wearing it for weeks, given his lifelong obsession with dressing up and becoming other characters. Third, I doubt I could post pics like that here. Even I have limits.


Anonymous said...


A comment to Tuesday's blog, There will be more Republicans in heaven be Republicans are Right. (just kidding, lighten up you liberals.) And a comment to today's blog, knowing David as some of us do, he would have to eat, but he would definitly be excited if he ever saw me like that.

Deb said...

Hi anonymous,

Does this particular David like "pancakes?"

Deb said...

I think in regards to Sean, he would just assume that I had donned some sort of haz-mat suit to withstand the next phase of our home renovation project.

Another Jones said...

I decide to see what's new in Debland. I am greeted by correpsondence between my 2 sisters discussing hypothetical details about their sex lives. Can a reader delete blog posts?

Deb said...

Actually Chris, that wasn't Lisa I was talking with. I didn't want to have to tell you this, but it was Jane.