Sunday, April 6, 2008

What does a 40th birthday party have to do with a toilet?

Nothing really. But, in a minute you'll see me attempt to connect the story. Last night, I had the great privilege of going out with some friends to celebrate our friend Jen's 40th birthday. Before the conversation turns to toilets, let's all wish Jen the happiest of birthdays. She is a great girl who deserves all the best!!

By the way, I know this picture stinks. Why? a) it was taken with a cell phone and b) I took the picture. Hopefully my photography skills will improve here folks.

So, we go to this fabulous restaurant called Wild Rice. It is a Pan-Asian cuisine style restaurant, with food that is exceptional. It has been a favorite for many years, one of those places where you always get a great meal, served in a restaurant with great atmosphere, and upscale contemporary Asian decor. It is Jen's favorite, hence our choice to surprise her there. Now one thing that has always fascinated me about this place is their bathrooms. Why? They have black toilets. Not something you see very often, at least not me. Now, I should say I would never have a black toilet in my house, because I just couldn't pull it off in an old suburban colonial home. But, in the right place, a black toilet can look appropriate. The percieved advantage of a black toilet in my mind is how it wouldn't look nearly as dirty as a white toilet. It just never looks dirty. The downside of the black toilet would make any type of self diagnosis almost impossible. This is of special concern when one has children.

Anyway, given how smitten I was with this toilet, I determined that a picture must be taken of it for me to post on my blog. Why? Don't know. This is where Susan comes in. She excuses herself to the ladies room and I ask her to please get a picture of the black toilet. She comes back with this picture...

Sometime between the last time I went there and now, they obviously have replaced the toilet seat with a standard white one. Why? My guess is that it is much easier to obtain than a black seat, and look how nice it looks with the trash next to it. Very color coordinated. When I saw the picture, I assured Susan that I in fact wanted a picture of a black toilet. Luckily, she tells me that there is a black toilet in the next stall.

Next comes Karin. She goes to the ladies room and assures me that she will in fact get a picture of the black toilet. Here is what she comes back with...

Different angle, same toilet. Karin claims that my directive was not clear enough. Susan goes back in the bathroom and tells me that the door to the black toilet is locked, but no one was in the stall. She was successful in jimmying open the lock with her fingernail. So, off I go in search of the toilet. Here is what I get...

Giddy with excitement over my success, I decide that before I go back to the table, I will, ahem, use the facilities. Finish up, go to flush. Nothing. Try again. Nothing. Then I realize why the door had been locked in the first place...the toilet was broken! So, in the end, the toilet wasn't all black. There was white toilet paper in it. How ironic.
Happy birthday Jen. Thanks for trying Susan and Karin.

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Jen said...

Thank you for my fabulous Wild Rice birthday bash!!!