Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Better late than never

Finally, I'm getting around to posting some pics from my Utah trip. I flew from Phila to Salt Lake City. Emily and I had lunch at a fabulous restaurant in this beautiful building called the Joseph Smith Memorial building (I think). Anyhow we were able to get a stunning view of the LDS (Mormon) temple in Salt Lake. This picture doesn't do the building justice. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Then we took a tour of Temple Square, which I understand is quite famous. Here is another view of the temple. It has a huge reflecting pool in front of it, but I don't have a good picture of it.

We saw lots of interesting things in Temple Square, one of the most interesting being where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and orchestra perform. Emily is a member of the orchestra. Despite what she might tell you, she is a fabulous viola player, as well as violin also!

Then we drove to Provo, where Em and her family live. Check out this mountain picture. These mountains are everywhere and are a "typical" backdrop all over Provo. I couldn't get over their beauty.

If you're really lucky, you'll bump into a cowboy every now and again. While Emily's husband is a Russian professor at BYU, he is an amateur cowboy on the side. They own 4 horses. This picture is taken in their backyard. Check out the gorgeous view of the mountains right in their backyard!

Tomorrow, I will post more pictures, most from my tour of BYU. I think the poor tour guide will never forget me. I was unintentionally a very animated tour-ee. How shocking! Can you imagine me not being perfectly behaved as I usually am?


Emily said...

So much to comment on, so little time! OK, the dentist first. When I was in 1st grade, our dentist's name was E.L. Payne (say it fast, "YELL PAIN!") All I remember is that I had to get a tooth pulled, a shot in my gums and gauze rolled up in my mouth all day. I vaguely remember stinky prizes like those rubber pencils (what the?). Moving on to yeast--the rolls look fabulous, I could almost smell them! I hope your family appreciated all that work. Oh, and the pics of UT are great! I especially love the cowboy--should I show him or not?


Deb said...

Ha! Yes, I have won eggs on Ebay. How pathetic is that? How excited am I? - plenty. Since the cowboy is unaware of my blog, you'll have to decide if you should show him or not. I can always email you the pic.

Mormon Soprano said...

It's fun to read your post and hear your descriptions of our hometown. You give fresh eyes to things - it is a beautiful place to live. Thank you for visiting and come back soon!