Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

Welcome to Random Thoughts Friday!! This is a time where we can all share and comment upon each other's random thoughts. Please join in! It will only be fun if we all participate. Well, I'll still have fun seeing my bizarre thoughts in print.

Random thought #1: How fun is/was Pig Latin? I always found it to be ery-vay un-fay.

Random thought #2: I wonder how many of my readers can translate Pig Latin?

Random thought #3: I find popping pimples to be very satisfying. Small effort, big results.

Random thought#4: Why doesn't my brother Chris stop being so lazy and actually comment on my blog?

Come know you want to join in! Feel free to share any random thought that comes to mind. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


Lisa Heerdt said...

For random thought 1 and 2 I do not and will never like pig latin. I alway found it hard. For random thought 3 I do enjoy popping pimples. Instant gratification. As for random thought 4 Chris will not comment because his sister Lisa is funnier. Even Evan agrees.

MommyC said...

I never got pig latin, too much thinking involved - just speak English people!
Popping pimples - gotta love it! I always feel jipped out when I get an "easy" one that I intentionally look for another one to pop. Can anyone else relate?
I don't know Chris but trust Deb - he won't comment anytime soon. Brothers...

Deb said...

Welcome MommyC! Glad to have you with us! Love that cute picture of Ben!

Chris said...

Lisa, Evan is 6 years old. He also finds the word poop funny. The fact he finds you funny is truly a testament to your humor skills.

Chris said...
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David D. said...

I agre with mommyc! Pig Latin is un-fun. And that wasn't written in Pig Latin!

Oh, not to just be contrary all day, but popping pimples is fun and satisfying, but it's also how you wind up getting acne scars, like Bill Murray has, or at least that's what they told me in Health class.