Monday, May 19, 2008

Another great thing that happened to me today...

As if the WetJet wasn't good enough, I am also happy to report that today, yes today, I mastered the art of making a perfect cappucino. Delicious. Utterly delicious. I am unabashedly going to confess that I had 3 of them today. To add to the delight of the whole scenario, Sean told me that I needed to get new shot glasses for the espresso machine. Luckily, I was in my college bookstore today, and what were they selling? Yes, they were indeed selling Montgomery County Community College shot glasses. I am very amused at my Community College status, and have been on a quest to get Montco tchotchkes (yes, I did check the spelling on this word) of all types. This is my first purchase of many to come. Plus, they can do double duty - be a coffee shot glass in the AM, and when the mood strikes, they can be a nighttime shot glass as well.
Finally, after a late night last night, an abbreviated sleep, and feeling like a zombie for most of today, I even got to indulge in a short afternoon snooze. I just feel like something lucky is going to happen to me after a day filled with simple delights. Maybe Publisher's Clearing House will knock on my door today to let me know I won a sweepstakes. Hmm, I didn't enter one, so probably not likely. I suppose I'll just bask in the calm before the storm. (or the storm before the storm, as a friend of mine said recently) School starts tomorrow, and apparently I'll be spending 35 hours a week on 1 class. Yes, 1 class. I re-read the syllabus today. Unbelievable. Luckily no assignments are due until next week. :)

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