Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They are so lucky I don't help on school projects like this.

So Alissa gets assigned this class project to build something completely out of things that are in our recycling can. Quickly realizing my mechanical inaptitude, I immediately relinquished her to her father's care in completing this project. Anyway, Alissa came up with the idea to make a machine that dispensed candy. Here is the finished product...a Gobstopper dispenser. It actually works! She and Sean had a blast.

I was impressed. My idea was to turn a plastic bottle into a piggy bank. Not so much fun.

Evan got in on the fun and decided to make a candy machine too. His is a little more rudimentary, and also strangely looks like something he could take people down with...but, it works. His kindergarten class loved it. He also had gotten into the hair gel prior to taking this picture.

Gotta go - Evan was playing in the hose with a friend this afternoon, and I just saw him streak by the window, butt naked. My little exhibitionist...

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