Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

Here you go...all the thoughts that randomly come into my head as I type.

1. I am very glad to be posting Random Thoughts Friday on a Friday. It just feels right that way.

2. 3 year olds are very very cute.

3. Said 3 year olds are very very cute only when they don't belong to you.

4. I have actually wondered if telling everyone that my new nickname is Ebbie Debbie (bestowed on me by my nephew Speyer) was a bad idea. I just have a feeling some of you might take advantage of that knowledge.

5. What is your favorite Pop Tart flavor? Mine is chocolate with vanilla creme. They must be toasted so that the frosting burns a bit. Yum.

6. Favorite sugar cereal? Hands down - Cookie Crisp.

7. Guess how many days I made it before going to Starbucks? Whoever is closest gets a free espresso or other Starbucks drink on me!

8. I just had a flashback of my all time favorite Sesame Street song. Remember the 12 song? It went 1,2, 3, 4,5 6, 7,8, 9, 11, 12! It had a retro seventies pinball machine motif that accompanied the song. Remember it?

9. I am so tired of staining my shirts. I swear it happens every day. Stuff falls on me all of the time. You would think as a grownup this wouldn't happen anymore.

10. I Google the weirdest stuff all of the time. The weirdest thing I Googled this week was a bio of Candace Cameron from full house. Why? I can't remember. I think I'll post each week on my weirdest Google request. Feel free to share yours.

Happy Friday all! As always, comments are encouraged and welcome.


S said...

5 days? And good idea: I'll keep track of my weird googles too.

MommyC said...

Pop Tart flavor: definitely brown cinnamon sugar - toasted
Cereal: cinnamon toast crunch, but for some reason I've had an aversion to it - weird.
Days without Starbucks...7!
You and my husband must wear shirt magnets, I swear everyday he drops something. Problem is I don't discover it until AFTER I wash and dry it. Can you say annoying?!

Lisa Heerdt said...

It had been 5 days since you had been at Starbucks, because Sean got you an Espresso machine for Mothers Day. I know this because I was with you yesterday when you went to Starbucks. I'll be waiting for my Frap Cream.

Anonymous said...

Your mistake is you can't count. You missed 10 when counting to 12. I will now take 2 Strawberry Frapps from Starbucks.

Deb said...

As far as Lisa is concerned, family members of Debland are automatically excluded when they were with the CEO of Debland.

Jen said...

Clearly, someone has won the Starbucks already. Plus, I don't like Starbucks, so I have no investment in guessing (although I'm going with 5 days).
Cereal-PB Crunch
Pop Tart flavor-brown sugar cinnamon (yea MommyC) but without frosting.