Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday!!!

1. How cute is Madeline, my cat? Am I just biased, or is her face seriously cute?

2. Behind Madeline, you will see Evan's tea party set up on the hearth. Every morning, Evan wakes up, comes downstairs, and sets up a real tea party for himself. He uses a silver tea set, puts cream in the pitcher, sugar in the sugar bowl and makes his own tea in the microwave. Currently, he is on a raspberry tea kick. He just informed me he is running out of tea and could I buy him more. Seriously.

3. So this morning, I'm thinking about John McCain. I was wondering whether or not people are worried about his past history with melanoma or not. I sign in online, and what news story do I see? There was a whole story about whether or not he is at risk for a recurrence of cancer. Weird. I certainly don't wish him any more cancer, but I really don't want him to be president.

4. Today is Speyer's birthday. He is 3. Happy birthday Speyer! Ebbie Debbie loves you!

5. I have many hours of work to do on my new class. (computer info systems)

6. I am so disinterested in this class it isn't even funny.

7. Went to Starbucks this week. I am again offering a free drink to the one who can guess how many days I went without going. If Jen guesses correctly, she will win a cookie. She is not a Starbucks fan.

8. Going on a roadtrip with Jen today. We're hitting King of Prussia Mall, and then going to have lunch with Lisa and Speyer. I am very excited because there is a Hello Kitty Store there. Jen is very excited because there is an Apple store. We made a deal that we would each put up with each other's stores.

9. New game - Jen and I are also going to a store which doesn't even resemble Hello Kitty or Apple. In fact, it couldn't be more different if it wanted to. I cannot reveal which store it is, but am putting it out there for guesses. Suffice it to say, it is a store which I would be more likely to go to. Think outside the box people! Winner gets an item from the mystery store.

10. Finally, my weirdest Google for the week...I am so embarassed, but in the interest of my pledge to share honestly with everyone, I will disclose that I actually searched Google images for pictures of maxi pad belts from the 1950's-60's. I have always been curious about what they looked like. Why, I don't know. So, they were really weird, and makes me thankful for the modern sciences of feminine products.

Happy Friday everyone! Let's see some vigorous commenting here! Remember, there are 2 games to play...


MommyC said...

I say 3 days without going to Starbucks and you are going to the LoveSac store! Gotta love the KOP Mall!

Lisa Heerdt said...

4Days since going to starbucks.