Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ebbie Debbie is in the house

So, as of 11 am this morning, I officially am responsible for 3 children. Not permanently, but I am very fortunate to have my little nephew Speyer (pronounced spire) with me for the rest of this week. He will be 3 next week, and he is the cutest thing ever. Instead of calling me Aunt Deb, he calls me Ebbie Debbie. Very endearing. Note: this does not give any of you a license to call me Ebbie Debbie, ever. Never. Only if you are cute, blonde, and 2 years old!
So Speyer has never had a haircut. My sister Lisa was too chicken to get his gorgeous blond ringlets cut off. Ebbie Debbie to the rescue! I'm so pleased to say that I gave Speyer his first ever salon experience today!
Here is Mr. Cutie pie himself...

he dons the fun cape - they never let me wear this when I'm there!

Let the games begin. He had so many curls, they had to pin some on top of his head to start cutting. It looks like he is getting an updo for a wedding or something. He was very amused.

mid-haircut - no tears! He was sooo good.

almost done...
Speyer wouldn't let me take his picture until Miss Sarah agreed to pose with him. He insisted.

Here is Speyer with Donna and Sarah. Donna did the haircut. He said he wanted the "pretty girls" in the picture with him. Quite the little ladies man. Incidentally, Donna has been cutting my hair since I was 8 years old! She doesn't look old enough for that, does she?

2 lollipops and one Dollar Store trip later (for the toy I promised), we were on our way. As we left, Speyer called out "bye bye pretty girls!" He already knows how to talk to the ladies.

Oh, yes, and I have an envelope filled with long blond curls to give to Lisa. By the way, after I washed his hair tonight in the bath, he is now sporting some really cute short blond curls. So, Lisa can relax. She was worried about him losing them.

Time for me to have a third? Naah. I would rather be good old Ebbie Debbie!


Jen said...

He looks great!! You did a fabulous job, Ebbie Debbie.

another jones said...

Was that really his first haircut ever? And, is that Donna Fazio?

Emily said...

Soooooooooooo cute! Christian had his first visit to the dentist today, but it wasn't nearly as cute as that. It was pretty funny, though!