Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A mother's love is forever...right?

Last week, when I posted about having that "not so smart" feeling, you might have caught on that I was referencing this splendid and ridiculous commercial from the 80's regarding certain feminine products. Check it out...

There is just so much that can be said about this commercial. My observations:

- I think the daughter is really putting her mom in a bad spot here. I mean, they're on a boat for goodness sake! What the heck is her mom supposed to do when they are in the middle of a lake when her daughter shares that kind of info with her? Now the mom is not only helpless, but
trapped! Basically, the mom has only a few choices:

a. Calmly, but quickly get that boat back to the dock, and get her daughter to a drugstore a.s.a.p.

b. Move over to the other side of the boat for the duration of the ride. Then get the daughter to the drugstore afterwards.

c. Push the daughter overboard. Maybe that will help her out a little, but I wouldn't say lake water would be much help to the daughter. It is probably loaded with germs.

In any case, whatever the choice, I'll bet that mom goes home and has a drink and possibly a sedative.

What a stupid commercial. Funny, but stupid.

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