Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday!!!!

I've started to see my mind in a similar fashion as a stock ticker. Here is a glimpse into the thoughts running through my mind at this moment.

1. I am in fact listening to Wang Chung right now as I write this post. I defy anyone to make fun of me. Bring it on.

2. One of my favorite lines from Cheers was when Frasier announces: "everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight".

3. I just drank a fabulous double shot cafe mocha, created by none other than moi.

4. New game - how many espresso drinks did I consume yesterday? Come on people, you know you want to win!

5. I liked the days where I was in charge of the camera on my cell phone:

6. Now the kids will frequently take control of the phone themselves. The result?

7. That butt looks very similar to a certain husband's butt. Said husband will remain nameless.

8. "Last Christmas" by Wham is now playing on my music mixer. That kind of pisses me off, to be honest.

9. Sean just came down and read this post and said "I'm Sean Kerr, and I approve the use of this butt".

10. Weirdest Google search of the week:

I got this link from a conservative website that said all Christian people who are married should read it regarding intimacy in their marriage. It is pretty funny. One of the better parts of the site highlights what is "ok" and what is not "ok" in the Christian bedroom. One example - apparently some Christian couples, even those whose kids are grown up and long gone, practice lactation. Yes, that is correct. Lactation. As in men who like to nurse. Enough said. In case you were wondering, this falls under the "ok" category. hahaha.


Husband Sean said...

I'd guess 5 drinks. At this rate and at $3.50 each the cappucino maker will pay for itself in one week. A gift that pays for itself...

MommyC said...

I'll go with 4...Deb with a caffeine high - what's that look like?

Very funny website. Hard to believe it's a Christian website. My favorite...

"So, you have decided to try a vibrator ... but you have no idea what to do with the thing?"