Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Best way to have your kids get made fun of at a sleepover...

For my readers who are familiar with me, you are aware that my childhood religion is one of my life subjects that I talk about. A lot. My religious upbringing was quite stringent and fundamental, to say the least. While it was odd growing up in it, and even odder now that I contemplate it as a parent, it definitely has been a source of blog fodder and interesting conversation with rational sane people. (unlike the people I went to church with as a kid)

Before I post these pictures, I would like to indicate that our family still participates in church. We're just not insane. We are Lutherans, which has worked out really well for us. Plus, we really do respect other people's right to worship and participate in religion as they see fit. So, I hope I don't offend anyone, but you have to see these pajamas I found from these total fundamental wackjobs online:
Here is the accompanying description for the PJ's:

Pajama top with breastplate of righteousness and belt of truth hem.
Pajama pants with wings of peace to cover feet.
Helmet of salvation.
Shield of faith pillow.

The boys version:

The girl's version:

Are they kidding, you might ask? No, actually they are not. I can't even imagine that these are real, but I can say with confidence that if they had been around when we were kids, we probably would have gotten them for Christmas or our birthday.

Panic thought of the day: I sure hope my parents don't ever find out about these.

Otherwise Alissa and Evan, and the other grandchildren will be sporting them. Reminds me of the movie "A Christmas Story" where the boy Ralphie is made to wear pink bunny pj's that his aunt makes him...remember that?

Sweet dreams everyone.

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lisagh said...

Maybe it's not right for me to laugh, but your statement "... still participates in church. We're just not insane," almost made me spit out my water on my monitor!

So funny!