Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

Thanks to all who participated in the Q&A! Sorry I couldn't post until today. The schedule was crazy for the last few days!

First question, from Kerry

I'll start... and I'll ask the same question I ask everyone because I am just curious.
Why did you decide to start blogging? Do your friends read? What about your family?

Great question Kerry! I decided to start blogging after contemplating it for a year or so. As you may be able to tell (ha ha), I'm kind of an outspoken talkative type, with a wacked sense of humor, and I've always wanted to have a different forum to express myself in. Blogging just seems to fit my personality. What I think is great about it, is that everyone can be a writer when they blog, and they can be pretty free with their thoughts and feelings on it.

The only friends and family that I have told about it are the ones who I feel can "handle" it. What I mean by that, is I've told the ones who I feel already know me pretty well and "get" me. That being said, I do realize there are risks to not being completely anonymous, which sometimes can make you think twice about what you say. For every family member or friend who knows about it there are probably 4-5 people who don't know it. I'm pretty active at our church, and most church people I know are not privy to my blog. My parents and inlaws definitely don't know about it!

Next, from Megan

If someone was to come and visit you, what kind of a weekend would you plan? :)

Hey Megan,

Are you coming for a visit? J Well, I suppose it depends on who was coming. You saw how I treated the sock monkey who came into town! If they haven't been in Philadelphia before, I would definitely do the whole downtown thing like we did with monkey. The nice thing about where we live is the quick access to so many things. Within 2 hours, we could be in the mountains, the Jersey shore, the country, or even in Washington D.C. So let me know when you're coming!

Mommy C writes:

I want to know about your most embarrassing moment.

Wow, Mommy C., I can't believe you would want to know something like that about me!!! There are just so many stories I could tell. Hmm…well, since you're expecting, I'll tell you a pregnancy story. When I was pregnant with Evan, we had gone on vacation to Florida to visit my sister. On the way home, we had a particularly turbulent flight. Given my predisposition to motion sickness, I knew that this would not be a good situation. Long story short, I puked my guts up, might have even used 2 bags! Unfortunately, my aim wasn't the best, and I wound up getting the front of my shirt pretty well. Uggh. When we landed, I felt crappy, and looked even worse. When we were walking down to baggage claim, who should we run into but the CFO of Sean's company! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him with barf all down the front of my shirt. Not my finest moment. There are more stories where that came from, trust me!

Last, my way fun bro Chris asks:

What is something about Sean that your blog readers should know, but would really annoy him if you posted it?

Well, Chris, it is about time you know. The truth is, Sean has a huge crush on you, but doesn't quite know how to tell you about it. He only married me to get to you. Is there any way you'll be willing to let him down easy? J

Oh, one more fact about Sean that is interesting given his usually analytical engineering-type personality, is that he cries when he watches kids movies. All kids movies. It can actually get a bit embarrassing. (for me)

Thanks again for the questions guys! I'm sure we'll play this game again…

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Tenakim said...

I cry like a BABY at Meet the Robinsons! It's OK Sean!