Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

What is everyone up to on this holiday? Every year, we go to our local community parade. We live in a small town outside of Philadelphia. Every year I dread it, because it is the same. When I say the same, I mean the same. Endless throngs of fire trucks from every fire company in a 20 mile vicinity, bagpipe bands, local politicians, the local kids dentist, etc. You get it. It is tacky, yet it is also an institution in our town. I tried to get out of going this year, but the kids wouldn't hear of it! So, we went.
A funny thing happened today though. Today, after going for so many years (probably around 30), I saw the parade through different eyes. Yes, I saw the fire trucks, and all the same old same old, but what I noticed today is what was going on around me. Friends, families, neighbors, all out together. We were surrounded with chatting, laughter, excitement, kids chasing the candy that was thrown from the floats, and the local business owners chatting and giving away freebies. I saw happy faces, albeit the same faces for the most part, in the exact same place they had sat year after year like I have. I saw community. I saw tradition, I saw happiness.
You know what? It was a good time. I can't believe I'm saying it, but it was. Maybe it just took me that many years to see what really goes on at our local parade.
Happy 4th everyone! Tell me what you were up to today!

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