Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can someone pass the Stridex, please?

Ok, really. I just don't think this is fair. Right now, I'm experiencing the fun side effects of being, well, you know, getting deeper into my late 30's. Nothing crazy or anything, just the run of the mill stuff like:

-gray hairs, which are taken care of during frequent salon trips
-occasional chin hairs, which are plucked at once
-a more "experienced" looking face
-raging PMS
-my body worshipping gravity
-warranties running out on body parts like knees, feet, etc

So, without trying to sound super petulant, why, oh why am I being revisited by my old friend acne? Seriously people, lately I could give any teenager a run for their money. I just looked in the mirror, and it seems that I am trying to become a walking dot to dot coloring page or a constellation. Yes, I have admitted that I do find popping pimples to be satisfying, but I wasn't talking about mine!!!

This isn't what I was looking for when I was trying to look and feel younger, because I still look and feel older, but also have to put up with this crap!

Am I alone here?


More, More, More said...

Proactive works well!! Even for us old ladies!!!

Laurie said...

Don't think of them as chin hairs, think of them as stray eyebrow hairs!

Insane Mama said...

Proactive is good. My teenager uses it. Getting old stinks!My teenager steals my underwear and my 11 year old daughter is driving me nuts with her moods. and then there are the other two ids that are the source of my soon to be gray hair!

Deb said...

Thanks guys! Maybe if I use Proactive, I'll look like some of the celebrities that use it, right? Right?