Sunday, July 27, 2008


Happy Sunday everyone. I have to be at church in a little over an hour. I should be taking my shower, feeding people, and emptying the dishwasher. Yet, here I sit blogging. Aaah, blogging. I do enjoy it. I'm loving meeting all of the great people out there who share a bit of themselves with me everyday.

Speaking of sharing yourselves, you know why I love Sundays? One of the main reasons is because that is the day Post Secret gets updated. Who has heard of Post Secret? For those of you who are not familiar with it, it's a website where folks mail in a variety of secrets about themselves that they otherwise wouldn't disclose. The secrets can be funny, or heartbreakingly raw and honest. You have to mail in your secret on a postcard, and you are encouraged to be as succinct and as creative if possible. Go check it out!

A couple of questions for you to ponder, and reply to:

1. Have you ever sent a card to Post Secret?
2. Would you ever send one in?
3. What would be a funny secret about yourself that you would mail in?

I'll answer first.

1. No, I haven't mailed one in.

2. I might send one in, but feel like I might not be creative enough to get published. Plus, I have so many things I would want to say, it would be hard to pick one.

3. A funny secret about me?

As a kid, I used to find my wrapped Christmas presents my parents hid, I would carefully open them, look at them, and then re-wrap them. As far as I know, my parents don't know I did this.

Who's next?


lisagh said...

The Post Secret gallery exhibition was in Winnipeg last winter. I went to it... it was awesome!

janeearleneanderson said...

I also used to unwrap and rewrap my Christmas presents. We are bad people.

Tenakim said...

I've never heard about it- I'll have to go!

Tenakim said...

OK- WOW! just went there- those are awesome- thanks for the heads up and contributing to my growing neglect of all things not computer related!